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  1. Tonka
    Tonka rolled her eyes but went to go get changed and came down in pajamas to see her mom and gave her a kiss as Violet passed off a plate to her. "Seth will be down in a minute."
    "Good. We have to get going soon."
  2. Tonka
    "Yeah yeah," she said as she stretched before heading out of his room.
  3. Tonka
    They'd both be awoken to breakfast being shouted by Richie up the stairs before he bolted out for the day.
    Tonka groaned and stretched but slid off the bed tiredly. "Thanks for the movie Seth."
  4. Tonka
    "Yeah. You always watch bad movies," she reminded him knowing it was going to be garbage but she would watch it quietly until she fell asleep against her larger brother.
  5. Tonka
    "I know," she nuzzled her cheek against his shoulder and put a hand on her arm to settle and watch the movie with her brother. "I have the best brothers in the world. Even if you're both assholes."
  6. Tonka
    "Clark Decker," she said. "Like you know when you watch a slasher movie and you get the feeling of who the killer is because they hyper focus on that one person they want to kill? That's how he makes me feel."
  7. Tonka
    "I don't know. I just have this feeling like he's always staring at me and not in the good way."
  8. Tonka
    "They listen to their curfews," she sneered and shrugged. "I think they are either afraid of dad or the stories about you, Alice, Dixon, Richie and company and how much trouble they could get into with the little Redford girl."
  9. Tonka
    "My friend's are pussies and the only one that still wanted to hang out has a crush on me and he weirds me out a little?"
  10. Tonka
    "Bored and don't want to go to bed yet," she said it was a half truth.

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