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  1. Tonka
    Tonka gave a small shrug behind their mother's back saying that wasn't a problem for her.
  2. Tonka
    "Unlike you I'm not going to knock up all the girl in my grade," she said with a sassy smirk. "And I'm not gonna get knocked up. Plus I've only gotten arrested once..." she pointed out. "By this time you were in and out of jail how many times?"
  3. Tonka
    "Mom trusts me," Tonka countered.
  4. Tonka
    Tonka nodded to him. "Well I've gotta get ready to go," she said to him.
  5. Tonka
    "They've got a kid, they'll make it work as long as they can," she said to him.
  6. Tonka
    Tonka shook her head. "She's been basically on her own since you went to college," she advised him."I'm honestly surprised that she and Dixon didn't split up after you left."
  7. Tonka
    "She doesn't have any friends if you haven't noticed."
  8. Tonka
    "They fake it well," Tonka noted. "I bet she's glad to have you back in town, someone to talk to other than Aurora," she rolled her eyes.
  9. Tonka
    "Yeah? That's weird. They seem so happy. Maybe it's because Dixon is almost always gone."
  10. Tonka
    "Thanks, I'm saving up to get mom those shoes she wants for Christmas," she said as she took the money and stashed it in her hiding place. "Have a good time without the kid?"

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