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  1. Tonka
    "Thank you," she said picking up her backpack and glancing to her dad. Where she would have normally given him a hug she went ahead and left albeit she wasn't going to Jessica's house specifically. She had a party to go to and she did not want to miss it.
  2. Tonka
    "Not with you and mom having sex in the other room... no," she shook her head.
  3. Tonka
    Tonka uncrossed her arms. "I want to go over to Jessica's house for a sleep over. I know its a school night but I need to study for a test."
  4. Tonka
    Tonka crossed her arms and glared at Richie but she didn't continue.
    Richie grunted and moved around Tonka to go to his room acknowledging his parents with a nod.
    "Can I go out tonight?" Tonka asked her dad.
  5. Tonka
    "He started it," Tonka said.
  6. Tonka
    Tonka looked up to her dad and nodded. “Is he gonna be okay?”
  7. Tonka
    Richie came and sat down beside Tonka reaching out to tug on her messy ponytail antagonistically. "Stop it," she shoved him nearly knocking over his chair albeit since she wasn't a wolf she wasn't successful.
  8. Tonka
    "I am going to do better than Seth and Richie," she declared as she moved to sit at the table more awake than she was before.
  9. Tonka
    That woke her up a little as she looked up and nodded. "Stacey Hoops is so jealous."
  10. Tonka
    Tonka rubbed her face as she moved to settle her face against Red's middle, her eyes closing immediately. "Morning daddy," she said as she went a little heavy against him as if she would fall asleep there if he let her.

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