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    Alyssa smiled at the site. "You'll never grow up, will you Oliver?" she asked him curiously as she twisted and turned herself over. Her house keeper came up and spoke a little Italian before Alyssa got up. "I'll be right back, there's apparently a problem with dinner," she explained as she moved around the table and went toward the house.
    Immediately Connor seemed to get off of Oliver and calm down, looking almost down trodden.
  2. Alyssa Dorant
    Alyssa smiled and shrugged at him, "I'm fine Oliver. I just got my hair done though so I'll be life guard," she said as she moved to go sit down, settling her sunglasses on her face and laying back.
  3. Alyssa Dorant
    Alyssa was lost. This was awkward, watching the man she was in love with (or at least the idea of him) sitting with another woman, simply being alive with another woman. He never looked at Alyssa like that. He never cared that much.
    They were practically twins with their scars too. She felt worse and worse which made her finish her drink faster than she should have.
  4. Alyssa Dorant
    Letting the guests get out first Alyssa gave her son a quick squeeze before releasing him and getting out with them. "Come on," she said indicating to them to follow her. "There is a lot that goes on. If you need anything we will need to go out to get it today as tomorrow is a holiday," Alyssa explained as she guided them down a long hall to the first room for Sin.
    She guided them to the next room over for Dinah and Oliver. "Come out back when you are done getting settled. Connor wanted to go swimming with you all. Show Dinah the flip he had told her about," she said to them looking to Dinah with a bit of distaste that her son would remember her.
  5. Alyssa Dorant
    Alyssa was smiles, they all seemed genuine even though they weren't. She moved to get into the car, scooting Connor over so everyone could fit in. "Don't worry about Oliver, he's always been a bit of a shameless flirt. He just can't help himself I think," Alyssa offered as advice to Dinah.
    After everyone was piled in the driver started off.
    "I didn't expect you to fly coach Ollie. Is everything okay?"
  6. Alyssa Dorant
    Alyssa huffed out of her nose as she moved away from the car and rolled her eyes. "What took you so long Oliver? I've been waiting out here for an hour," she advised him as she glanced over the other two. "I'm Alyssa," she said offering her hand out cordially to the other two guests as the driver took the luggage off of Oliver then opened the door for them to all get in.
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    She wasn't the most forthcoming in this but she was still hurt and the underlying tone of this was, since your mother cut me off due to what she did.

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