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  1. Dwarf Nemes
    Dwarf smirked. "She's not as tough as she acts," he reminded him as the doorbell rang. "Guess yer stayin' fer dinner," he advised the man as he got up.
  2. Dwarf Nemes
    "You make it on the list," he said. "You haven't been transferred have you?"
  3. Dwarf Nemes
    Dwarf smiled to him, "Yeah," he said rubbing Dria's head.
    "You stickin around fer dinner?"
  4. Dwarf Nemes
    "She needs more friends," Dwarf said. "She used to have a lot but now she mostly keeps to herself."
  5. Dwarf Nemes
    "They were killed by someone she was after," he advised him. "In an abandoned warehouse. She got there a few hours too late," he advised him staring at the picture.
  6. Dwarf Nemes
    "It's probably a good thing for you to know," Dwarf picked up a picture off the nightstand and handed it over to Chance.
  7. Dwarf Nemes
    "Yeah, did she tell you what happened?"
  8. Dwarf Nemes
    "I think she knows but I think she forgets when she's like this."
  9. Dwarf Nemes
    "You alright? It's almost like you've never seen her break," Dwarf mentioned.
  10. Dwarf Nemes
    Dwarf noticed, Dria didn't.
    She eventually fell asleep. The movie eventually ended.

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