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  1. Dino Lombardi
    Violet smiled to Dino. "I always trust you," she said.
    "And I'll never do ya wrong. It'll be right out," he said letting them eat the appetizer.
  2. Dino Lombardi
    "Ahhh, the one that was just proposed to and took off to the bathroom," Dino said. "I'd say she's a little nervous to say yes," Dino indicated toward the bathroom.
  3. Dino Lombardi
    The man frowned. "Well, what does she look like then?" It would be about then that Seth would get a string of texts from Aurora asking where in the hell he went.
  4. Dino Lombardi
    Dino looked the man up and down and lifted his brow. "This isn't exactly that sort of restaurant."
  5. Dino Lombardi
    Alice had gone to the bathroom, not sure what she was supposed to do. Everyone thought it was nerves and she was in the bathroom. When he got there he would be greeted by a rotund man that looked just happy as pie, he was the actual chef for Vive Beatus. "How can I help you?"
  6. Dino Lombardi
    Dino shrugged. "All in a day's work really. Eat up. I have plenty more where that came from.
    "Yeah, it looks like we need to go to ebay again," Violet said.
    "Oh posh. You say I have too much, I say I don't have enough," he waved his hand.
    "If you want more you'll have to sell more," she said to him.
  7. Dino Lombardi
    Dino gave his charmingly large grin and chuckled. "Good to see you all. Find a seat," there were nearly too many. "Didn't know how you all liked your meat so I made four of each," he explained.
  8. Dino Lombardi
    Dino hated preparing food for creatures that weren't Lilin. Vampires were boring but particular. They preferred fresh and when they couldn't get that then room temperature blood was not good enough but much hotter than 98 degrees nearly burned it.
    For there shifters, they had sensitive tongues. A single ingredient that didn't sing was a single ingredient gone wrong.
    Mages were pushy and annoying and prissy.
    And to throw a dinner party for primarily women? (The men weren't the ones that needed impressing so much. At least not according to Violet, well except for the shifters as the alpha didn't have a female lead).
    Dino settled the last empty plate into its spot as Violet walked in followed by Ivan and his son Chance. Next was Elizabeth and her partner Damion. Beside them was Lilya the Mage and Romeo. Finally they were all followed by the medium Scott Mongomery and his ghost friend Sally.
    Dino exchanged looks with Ciolet as they all flocked around the table to the name cards for each of them.
    It was uncomfortably quiet. This wasn't exactly normal but there was a threat and it was necessary.
    Violet and Dino were the last to sit. Dino looked around at the table. He hated other supernatural a.
  9. Dino Lombardi
    "If ya want a raise ye need to ask for it properly and not beat around the bush like a cunt," Dino advised the man. "As for the date. Thanks but no thanks. I'll get my own date fer yer wedding."
  10. Dino Lombardi
    Dino just grinned stupidly, ignoring Violet. "You're very welcome. I'm excited to see this twat get married. I figure if he can get married then there might be someone out there for everyone." It was subtle but it was a hint at how lonely he was.

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