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  1. Cindy Nemes
    "If you say so sweetheart," Cynthia said as the pulled up to a cabin in the woods.
  2. Cindy Nemes
    "Stop or else Craig is going to knock you out again," Cynthia advised him. "And as long as they don't cause any trouble, they'll be fine."
  3. Cindy Nemes
    Cynthia just grinned and gave him a shrug letting him think the worst when in fact they were just being taken elsewhere for the duration of the ceremony. Then they would all be released.
  4. Cindy Nemes
    "I don't think your parents can stop me," she said to him with a smirk over her shoulder.
  5. Cindy Nemes
    Cynthia hummed. "It's a little more complicated than that. It was originally targeting when I knew your mother and Alice's parents knew each other. It's a bit harder to figure out which one of you boys would actually fall for but now it's years that have paid off. It would have been unfortunate to have to wait another generation."
  6. Cindy Nemes
    "It's required to bring her back," she explained. "Soon it will all be over though," she said to him. "Soon you'll be the father of a goddess."
  7. Cindy Nemes
    “Your combined blood was what we’ve been waiting for. You both come from a long line of royalty. It’s diluted of course but it will just have to do.”
  8. Cindy Nemes
    Cynthia smiled to him in the rear view mirror. "Of course. How do you think we provided you with so much and without question?"
  9. Cindy Nemes
    "To where your child, Lilith, will be born. She is going to bring upon us the most amazing apocalypse. She's going to restore order. Remove elves from their throne and put witches back in their rightful place with Orcs at their side."
  10. Cindy Nemes
    "We're almost there," the woman assured him as Alice fell against Seth while they drove. "You're both about to be the parents of a goddess. You should appreciate that a little more."

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