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  1. Annie
    She indicated to the whole room. 'They came with me,' she gave him a skeptical look like he should know that.
  2. Annie
    She wiggled after a few moments, too tight.
  3. Annie
    She nodded to him.
  4. Annie
    'He died,' she advised him.
  5. Annie
    Annabelle shook her head. 'No, my dad gave it to me.'
  6. Annie
    She pulled out a gold necklace from her shirt and showed it to him.
  7. Annie
    The girl considered it for a bit, 'Boy,' she signed to him.
  8. Annie
    The girl smiled. 'Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?'
  9. Annie
    Annabelle hesitated for a moment before she signed back to him a very simple, 'yes, sorry.'

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