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Alice (Blonde)

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  1. Alice (Blonde)
    "Maybe," she said to him putting the food away.
  2. Alice (Blonde)
    "Yes," she said nearly gruffly.
  3. Alice (Blonde)
    "I'm fine," she insisted.
  4. Alice (Blonde)
    Alice nodded. "You should still try," she advised him.
  5. Alice (Blonde)
    "I'm fine. If anyone should eat more its you," she advised him.
  6. Alice (Blonde)
    "Okay," she said simply offering him some food. She didn't eat much.
  7. Alice (Blonde)
    "Don't know. How far do you want to go?"
  8. Alice (Blonde)
    Alice didn't talk unless she had to. To offer food, to verify anything. They had run into Russian soldiers but they kept moving. Stayed where they could. She made no attempt to talk to Chance more than she had to.
  9. Alice (Blonde)
    She didn't know where they were going. Away was all she could think of. The further away from Henri the better right now. If she were too close she'd go back to him.
  10. Alice (Blonde)
    Alice took a long while before she fell asleep. She slept more soundly then him but she listened more carefully, to specific things. Her mind constantly thought of the dangers. The lucky thing for her is, with Chance safe, she no longer had nightmares.
    She was up early and folded up the blanket and stuffed it into her pack. "Time to go," she advised Chance.

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