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  1. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte smiled to him as she lifted her cup to him. "I'm glad we met Dag," she said to him as she went quiet to sip on the drink until he had to go and find Violet.
  2. Charlotte Daniels
    "Promise you'll at least consider it?" she said as she poured them each a drink with a small smirk. "It'll give me something to look forward to."
  3. Charlotte Daniels
    "I know. I appreciate that you are helping people. It's why I like you so much," she said pulling out two glasses and her small bottle of whiskey. She poured them both one cup and handed him one. "You aren't ever coming back are you?" she asked as he started to leave.
  4. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte smiled to him. "I've always been more a whiskey girl but that might be because I'm British," she said. "I have half a bottle if you have time for a drink."
  5. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte laughed and rolled her eyes. "Yeah. Stubbornness and vodka," she shook her head.
  6. Charlotte Daniels
    "I just know not everyone has the same hope as me," she said. "That's all. If I was always down in the dumps I don't think I'd keep going honestly."
  7. Charlotte Daniels
    "We can't all be depressed down here. Otherwise what would give us hope?"
  8. Charlotte Daniels
    “Trying to say you kinda like it?” She teased him.
  9. Charlotte Daniels
    "I love working on stuff. Its the only thing I have to offer this world other then a perky personality which isn't well received by most."
  10. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte looked over her shoulder at him with a smirk. "I can probably handle that. You tell me when and you have it ready outside of this station and I'll repair whatever you want."

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