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  1. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte nodded and closed her eyes. Just hand it to me when you have it ready to read to me.
  2. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte lifted her hand up in front of her face and shook her head. "My hand is just a pink blob. I can't even see my fingers."
  3. Charlotte Daniels
    "Everything is just like a really bad impressionist art mural. I can see blurs of colors and that's it."
  4. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte blinked as if trying to blink everything back into clearness but it wasn't working so she nodded. "Okay," she agreed but it wouldn't actually get better, they wouldn't know that for a few hours yet.
  5. Charlotte Daniels
    Through the coms he would hear Charlotte's struggling gasping lessen as he started to sprint back. When he'd get to her it would be just after she stopped breathing. While normally she would talk him through these things, even though he'd been in the training she wasn't conscious enough to do so in the moment so he would have to recall it all from memory. Hooking up the unit to her suit that would restart her heart after getting the new oxygen tank on. As her suit pressurized and he hooked it up it would feel like a small eternity before she jolted awake. She would be conscious as she caught her breath but she had been out long enough that she was disoriented.
    She would be in and out of it for a few hours after he got her back to the ship and secured in the med bay. When she would wake up fully she would still be disoriented. "Dag, why can't I see anything?" she muttered. Everything was just blurred together colors, mostly blobs.
  6. Charlotte Daniels
    "In my spare time I do. I've made a few custom weapons too," she advised him. "Other peoples junk and all that," she shrugged.
  7. Charlotte Daniels
    If Charlotte had been conscious she would have told him sprint there and back with a new oxygen tank. As it was she was struggling to breathe and she would be dead within 2 minutes if he did nothing.
  8. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte tried not to panic and start breathing hard because she was struggling but she tried to hold on, Dagonet's urging was the only thing that kept her from letting go for the moment. She eventually loosened her grip as she fell unconscious.
  9. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte started to have trouble breathing as they got closer but not close enough. He would be able to hear her strangled breathing and her grip started to loosen.
  10. Charlotte Daniels
    He would get pictures as available but mostly of Alice and Harper and Tonka. “Any time you need to talk,” she said leaving him the infirmary. For the first time being faced with Mordria to heal him. 

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