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  1. Charlotte Daniels
    "Thanks," she said as she scratched the back of her head. "Come get me if anything comes up you know?" she said to him as she headed out for the door to go get some rest before the next day as the testing attacks would slowly start to become more like waves to pressure them inside of their stronghold than attacks.
  2. Charlotte Daniels
    "I suppose that means I should talk to her mom in the morning because every little bit helps," she said with a smile as she sat down tiredly. "I think I might turn in early," she admitted. "I think all of the recent excitement is getting to me."
  3. Charlotte Daniels
    "Anything good or just things a 5 year old thinks are good?"
  4. Charlotte Daniels
    "I guess that will be the hurdle," she said giving him a half smile. "Any projects I should be made aware of?"
  5. Charlotte Daniels
    "Yeah," she said to him as she watched him leave. "You think Tonka would be willing to repair more things that we need?" she asked turning her attention back to Ilia.
  6. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte shook her head and pressed her lips together. "No, you're fine," she said to him as she ran a hand through her hair.
  7. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte wrapped her legs around his waist and tighten her arms around his neck as he hitched her up and onto the workbench beside them. They took all the time they could get and didn't rush as they made love. It had been a while and really they both deserved it. It would probably be one of the last times they got any time together alone before the end all fight.
  8. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte ran her hands up his chest and around his neck. She nodded to him. They both knew this war wasn't over when Lillian was defeated either. It was still going to be a fight to get others of her followers to surrender. "That's why we do it together."
  9. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte sighed. "I know," she said to him. "Even though he will be the one that saved them all," she agreed reluctantly. "Rebuilding after this is going to be hard all around."
  10. Charlotte Daniels
    Charlotte nodded her agreement to that. “It’s going to take a while for everything to start changing for the good when she’s gone. I don’t the world will be the same after this.”

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