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  1. Alice (Child)
    "Doesn't mean he's any less weird," Alice advised him.
    Violet took the Camera from Ivan and took a picture of him after giving him a kiss.
  2. Alice (Child)
    "No problem," she said with a smile bumping into him. "I've got your back."
  3. Alice (Child)
    "Oh," she said to him. "If you want if I ever meet her I can punch her back for you."
  4. Alice (Child)
    "Sorry," she said sadly to him shrugging her shoulders.
  5. Alice (Child)
    "Your mom is pretty," she said to him as they continued to walk not really stopping at anything in particular. She looked young to be his mom but actors looked like teenagers all the time.
  6. Alice (Child)
    Alice smirked to him and bumped her shoulder into his. "Nerd."
  7. Alice (Child)
    Alice handed Ivan the Vanilla one before she started to lick her own. They started to walk away from the adults toward the next habitat. "I could have paid for my own," she told him.
  8. Alice (Child)

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