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Alice (Wisp)

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  1. Alice (Wisp)
    "Do you want to go out for dinner after we secure this cottage?"
  2. Alice (Wisp)
    She gave him a smile and finally another kiss.
  3. Alice (Wisp)
    She smiled to him. "Can we wait to tell family until we're settled with everything? We can start planning in a few weeks."
  4. Alice (Wisp)
    "Oh thank the goddess," she said as she grabbed the bracelet from a fold in her dress. "I've been working on it for a while. I hope you don't hate it," she said. It was blue for her and green for him.
  5. Alice (Wisp)
    Alice pulled him in closer. "Will you marry me?" she whispered to hi against his lips. It was a step further than moving in together.
  6. Alice (Wisp)
    There was hesitation but she kissed him back.
  7. Alice (Wisp)
    "This place is perfect."
  8. Alice (Wisp)
    She nodded. "Yes I do. I hope the bedroom is right here."
  9. Alice (Wisp)
    Alice leaned back into him. "I love you Chase."
  10. Alice (Wisp)
    It was the third one. "I love this one," she said as they got to the living area with a windows on both the sunrise and sunset sides.

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