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    The woman seemed partly annoyed but she didn't show it outside of a huff. "Maybe you should go there. Unless you plan to take someone home," she said to him before she walked away without her drink.
  2. Brooke Forester
    The woman frowned and huffed. "Wouldn't it be cheaper to drink by yourself at home," she frowned.
  3. Brooke Forester
    "Then what are you here for?"
  4. Brooke Forester
    It would be about then that a woman would come up to him and give him an impish smile. "You gonna buy me a drink?"
  5. Brooke Forester
    Brooke smiled giving a short laugh as he complimented her pussy again. She ran her nails over the back of his hand where he was still holding her down. "I certainly didn't think tonight would be so much fun," she hummed to him letting him pull back, her entire body buzzing.
    As the high started to fade she could feel the exhaustion returning. "Think I could stay the night?" she asked him. She didn't want to go back and face Jack plus she wasn't even sure she would stay awake long enough to eat dinner with him.
  6. Brooke Forester
    Brooke's hand was stolen from his flesh, pinned above her head so all she could feel was his cock, his hands and his hips. She barely heard his demand that she cum, not that it was a demand, it could have been a plea but to her it was just noise.
    She bit her bottom lip as she felt her body tense. All of the muscles in her body tensing, her pussy tightening around his rock hard cock.Additionally her breath caught in her throat, leg tightening again his back as if the weak attempt would slow him down enough for her to enjoy it more. As she began to breathe again, the initial shock of the orgasm fading she began to actually speak her appreciation while she panted, "Oh yes. God. Oh... mmmm... yes! Oh god... Nicolas... mmmm..." her fingers had curled trying to express their appreciation ut having nowhere to go she simply twisted her hands under his where he held them.
  7. Brooke Forester
    Brooke was too enamored by the sensations, the tension building in her body, to recognize that he said when we get home instead of 'my place'. One foot wrapped around his waist, the other one, toes touched and pressed against the other side of the car.
    Every fiber of her being was fighting the climax that she could feel coming on simply because she didn't want him to stop. It had been so long since she had felt this good. The long she could keep that feeling the better. She didn't know she would be back to Nick's house after tonight and so the jealousness she could make Jack feel, the pleasure she could feel. Every ounce would be soaked up.
    "I'm so close," she muttered still holding onto the earth through the seat belt and where her hand roved his flesh, dug her nails into his skin.
  8. Brooke Forester
    She knew anatomy, she understood what this could be like but it was nothing like what she imagined. She had been dating Jack for so long she had forgotten what it had been like to be with someone that actually enjoyed screwing her, that felt good inside of her.
    The sound of their bodies slapping together, the fact that he was still hard and hadn't already cum just heightened her senses, her desires.One hand wrapped around the closest seat belt while the other dug into the flesh on Nock's back, just about his ass. "Don't.... mmm.... Oh god," she tilted her head back fingers digging harder into their perspective tethers to the earth. "Please," she begged barely able to catch her breath. "Please," at this point she wasn't coherent not for lack of sleep but she literally couldn't think of the words to describe what she wanted becahse everything she wanted was being provided to her.
    The last time she remembered being fucked like this was in college by a frat boy high on cocaine. That night she only remembered getting back to her dorm sore, happy and tired. All things that she imagined would be how she left Mr Ramsey's house that night or the next day.
  9. Brooke Forester
    The Mission impossible reference was sexy even if it was primarily something that Nick was using to get a rise out of Jack. It was with a shimmy of her shoulder that the dress came down her arm far enough that she could pull her arm out allowing for the top of the dress to barely hold onto her breasts by sheer force of will and the shape of her dress around her bosom.
    "Your dick is..." at the moment the exhaustion plus the pleasure made words so difficult that she let the comment trail off at that. "Put me on me back and fuck me harder," she demanded to him.
  10. Brooke Forester
    Instead of accepting the compliment or even acknowledging it she kissed Nick again. Hands working on releasing him enough from his underwear that she could actually fuck him. It didn't matter to her, at this moment, that it was likely a bad decision. There were levels of bad decision here that Brooke didn't cross.... ever. She didn't have sex on the first date. She didn't have one night stands. She didn't have sex where other people could see. She certainly didn't have sex so she could have something that she thought was hers already.
    Hell, Brooke was often considered a prude especially after a double shift.
    She had never had need to even tell Jack her safety word. Breaking the kiss just long enough to say the following as she finally freed Nick enough to be able to work on getting him inside of her, "My safety word is Beetlejuice," she advised him. It was basically a free pass to be rough with her as she slowly started to lower herself onto his dick. He was well endowed and she moved in such a fashion that it was obvious. She also moaned lowly to start, truly it was meant to piss off Jack as she never made noise when they slept together, but as she continued to work her wet pussy onto Nick's dick it became more and more genuine. Each stroke made the hum, moan or sound gradually louder.

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