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  1. Violet Selvaggio
    Violet sighed and she snuggled in to close her eyes.
    The next morning Violet slipped out of bed and started breakfast. Alice would wake up and nudge Seth.
  2. Violet Selvaggio
    “I miss Deb and Dave,” she admitted to him.
  3. Violet Selvaggio
    It was hard because he made it so. So when he had them both fully satisfied she snuggled in with him, laying her leg over his middle. "I love you baby," she muttered to him.
  4. Violet Selvaggio
    Violet turned to kiss him more, shifting so she had more access to him.
  5. Violet Selvaggio
    "Am I ever not sure?"
  6. Violet Selvaggio
    Violet hummed biting her bottom lip. "Show me," she muttered to him.
  7. Violet Selvaggio
    "As the tension started to bleed out she breathed more softly. "I love you baby," she said to him. "And I mean it. I would't give you up for anything."
  8. Violet Selvaggio
    Violet hummed as his fingers dug into her back. "God that feels good," she muttered into the pillow more than to him. He could feel the tension in her shoulders and back as he pressed into her skin.
  9. Violet Selvaggio
    "And I promised you more after," she reminded him too.
  10. Violet Selvaggio
    "You are rather good at that," she smiled as she looked up to him. "I do remember that you owe me a back rub," she said.

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