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  1. Violet Selvaggio
    Violet spent most of the afternoon scrubbing the blood out of the dress to get all of the stains out before she left to bring it to the dry cleaner to finish and press it. She had it delievered in a black bag to Seth''s room in the morning with a small note that said Seth wasn't allowed to see it still.
  2. Violet Selvaggio
    Violet huffed and stalked past Red to work on getting the stains out.
  3. Violet Selvaggio
    “Could have been a lot better too,” she said. 
  4. Violet Selvaggio
    “No but she ditched us at the mall and this is what she came back with,” she held up the dress. It was simple and save for the stains that Violet intended to get out and give in because she was getting tired of the uphill battle. 
  5. Violet Selvaggio
    Alice leaned into him and breathed out a relaxing breath and the tits started to show on the screen making her smile despite the swollen face. 
    Meanwhile, Violet went to join Red holding the dress Violet had chosen trying to determine if she liked it or not to decide if she would clean off the blood. “This girl is going to drive me back to smoking regularly.”
  6. Violet Selvaggio
    "Thank you. Call me back when you get a hold of her please."
  7. Violet Selvaggio
    "We had but she disappeared while we were looking for stores to go look for dresses at."
  8. Violet Selvaggio
    Aurora shrugged.
    Violet sighed and looked to Deb to call her but she didn't respond as she had put her phone on silent and found a thrift shop with a pawn shop right next door and had started to look for t-shirts first before she found her way to where they had dresses of all sorts from prom dresses to wedding dresses to regular every day dresses to see if anything struck her fancy there.
    When Alice didn't answer Violet called Seth. "Call Alice and tell her to get back here," Violet said her voice edging on that stage that said she wasn't going to continue to tolerate the outright disrespect.
  9. Violet Selvaggio
    Violet frowned at her phone pressing her lips together before she locked it and slipped it back into her purse as they reached the mall.
  10. Violet Selvaggio
    // She doesn't like any of the dresses.

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