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    "The surgeon was a wolf. He did everything he could but the scarring... I'm sorry baby boy," she huffed. A tear escaped her and she immediately brushed it away knowing it betrayed her normally pristine appearance. She felt terrible right now. It was like the moment that he realized Santa didn't exist anymore, it broke her heart.
  2. Violet Selvaggio
    "The damage to your arm... it's not going to repair through your wolf healing. Its permanent."
  3. Violet Selvaggio
    "Well," she glanced up to Red. "You won't be playing baseball again," she advised him with a huff.
  4. Violet Selvaggio
    Violet reached out to grab his hand gingerly, the hand on the arm that wasn't hurt. "We're just glad you're alive and okay," she advised him.
  5. Violet Selvaggio
    “He’s dead Seth,” she said to him as she pressed her lips together. 
  6. Violet Selvaggio
    Violet glanced to Red. "Two are dead and the other is in intensive care," she advised him. "The one that was driving," she explained.
  7. Violet Selvaggio
    "Almost a full day," she advised him. "You were in surgery for nearly sixteen hours," she explained.
  8. Violet Selvaggio
    Violet gave him a soft smile. "You were hurt Seth," she explained gently.
  9. Violet Selvaggio
    As Seth started to blink Violet got up out of her chair, she wasn't sleeping anyways. "Seth?" she said to him gently. "You're okay, don't move," she added gently. "You were in a car accident."
  10. Violet Selvaggio
    It would be as Alice started to really show that Seth would get signed onto the majors. With that his relationship with Celeste would start to dwindle as he had to move and it would become long distance in a way, even though they were only hours away from each other. Eventually they mutually agreed it just wasn't working and agreed to be friends.
    Alice would constantly text him after his games and tell him he did a great job. She would send him random updates of an annoyed pregnant woman. He was also one of the first to see the babies face in a picture.
    It would be in the middle of his second year in the majors that the accident would happen. He would be in the hospital and he would wake up and his mother and father were there.

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