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  1. Violet (Young)
    "I know baby," she smiled to him rubbing his leg under the table.
  2. Violet (Young)
    "He can be," she agreed. "But I try to keep up with him."
  3. Violet (Young)
    Violet smiled. "I can promise he's well fed," Violet advised the woman.
  4. Violet (Young)
    Violet watched him for a moment before she got up to find the clothes that Red had peeled off of her. When they were dressed they went downstairs and into the dining room.
  5. Violet (Young)
    Violet huffed but was glad he didn't draw it out forever as they settled for a few minutes to just enjoy the glow. The break from his family and the time with him had calmed her nerves enough that the desire for a hit had abated. She kissed his shoulder. "I guess that means its time to go down for dinner."
  6. Violet (Young)
    Violet breathed out as he hit the spot. "Don't you dare," she muttered pressing her hips against him.
  7. Violet (Young)
    "You better be fast," Violet muttered to him. "Don't want to get on your mother's bad side if I can help it," she muttered as it turned into a moan.
  8. Violet (Young)
    "Suit yourself," he said. "Mom won't be happy," she said to him.
    Violet hummed as he kissed her collar.
  9. Violet (Young)
    Violet smiled as she wrapped a leg around his waist to pull her hips up into him.
    "She said now Red," the annoyed teen said.
  10. Violet (Young)
    Violet returned the kiss as the knock came again. "Mom said it's time for dinner."
    Violet pressed her hips into him indicating she wasn't ready to get up despite his younger brother's insistence.

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