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  1. Violet (Young)
    Once they got downstairs they joined the rest. Elisa still talking about how excited she was to babysit when they got back home. Violet sighed internally. "Mom..." she said finally. "I'm not coming back home," she said.
    That made the woman pause and look at her daughter, there was a nearly physical tension there. "Why?" she finally leveled.
    "A few reasons but its something that Red and I discussed and we've decided to stay here."
    "I see," although it was clear that Elisa was seething internally she turned her seething gaze to Red thinking that he was stealing her daughter away from her. "I guess we'll have to figure out how to visit often," she said looking to Francis.
    "Yes you do," she agreed to her rubbing Red's leg under the table a little nervously.
  2. Violet (Young)
    "Fair enough," she muttered to him and gave him another kiss. "Lets go eat lunch. Seth is asleep so we can leave him here."
  3. Violet (Young)
    "Okay," she nodded. "If you're sure you don't want a vacation spot," she smiled to him standing on her toes to give him a kiss.
  4. Violet (Young)
    Violet nodded. "I know," she said to him with a soft smile settling Seth in the crib and moved to wrap her arms around his waist.
  5. Violet (Young)
    "You'd have to help me get accustomed to all of the dirt and helping around but I'd like to try. This is your home. Like I said it doesn't have to be permanent if it ends up I can't handle it but I feel like this might be a place for us to make a home for us and our kids."
  6. Violet (Young)
    "I want to stay. Especially with your dad being how he is and well... I kind of like being away from the city," she admitted. "The question is, do you want to stay or go back to the city. We can keep our place there and vacation maybe? Or just not make a decision and stay here for a few months and make a decision then?"
  7. Violet (Young)
    Violet had just finished changing Seth and coming back out when Red and his dad started in to the house. She gave him a smile and nodded toward the stairs so she could talk with him and lay Seth down for his nap.
  8. Violet (Young)
    "Thanks baby," she said to him as she watched him leave.
  9. Violet (Young)
    "If I do that then you'll come to your senses about it," she teased.
  10. Violet (Young)
    He was being sweet because they really hadn't had a long fun night in a while. Pregnancy took it out of her and made it to where he rubbed her back until she fell asleep more than anything. "You and I have plenty more to come. Especially because I want more kids."

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