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  1. Violet (Young)
    Violet nodded watching him go as she walked a few feet away from the horse to watch the activity around her. The way the women greeted the men. The way the kids played. It had its own charm. She felt like it was a completely new world that she was ready to explore.
  2. Violet (Young)
    Violet hummed as he bit her earlobe but she took the opportunity to start muttering ingredients to him. She didn't make it easy. In fact she made it about as hard as it could get rubbing against him, muttering to him, biting, nipping, moaning. In a way it was likely the sexiest grocery list you couldn't remember.
  3. Violet (Young)
    "I could be more difficult," she muttered nudging her nose into his neck. "I could mutter it to you while I make it as hard as possible to concentrate," she said.
  4. Violet (Young)
    Violet gave him another kiss. "How about we test your memory?"
  5. Violet (Young)
    This would be similar banter that they would have for years. "Maybe I just want it to be difficult and to see how creative you are."
  6. Violet (Young)
    Violet smiled to him. "Then you should get me something to write you a list," she said leaning in to give him another kiss.
  7. Violet (Young)
    "Mmmm, you think me talking about groceries is sexy?" she teased him.
  8. Violet (Young)
    Violet settled back atop of Red's horse with him and they finished the journey to their camp where she would get more wary looks and murmurs as they caught sight of her. It made her feel a little uncomfortable but just like she had when they had dragged her out of the carriage she held her head high and tried to not let it bother her.
  9. Violet (Young)
    Violet gave him another kiss albeit kissing was still their limit at the moment. It felt good to hope that maybe this was right. Even if it wasn’t. It felt good right now.
  10. Violet (Young)
    Violet may not have understood his intent with the comment but she  blushed regardless. “Well I guess we’ll see won’t we?”

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