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  1. Violet (Young)
    Violet pressed her lips together lifting her brow clearly unimpressed with the answer even if she knew he was joking.
  2. Violet (Young)
    "That's easier said then done," Violet reminded him. "But I'll try to help as best as I can," she said to him. "Fortunately for you she's more worried about the baby at the moment."
  3. Violet (Young)
    Violet shook her head. "I'd rather sleep when he goes back to sleep. Maybe a water?"
  4. Violet (Young)
    Deb looked to David and he nodded as he said something in Latin to them and they both got up and started to follow their dad so he could get them settled.
    Violet smiled as Seth had fallen back asleep and she re-covered herself. "I'm strangely happy with being in a place that I don't hear cars and sirens all day."
  5. Violet (Young)
    Violet nodded rubbing the sleep from her eyes before getting up to go fetch  Seth and sit down with Debra, Dave and the kids. "Hey," she smiled to them chit chatting about the baby as he nursed. "How's your baby doing?" she eventually asked Debra.
    "Good. She's getting more active. I can't wait to meet her. Hopefully not a meeting as exciting as yours though."
  6. Violet (Young)
    Violet hummed as she woke up. "Where's the baby?" she muttered sleepily as she pushed herself up.
  7. Violet (Young)
    "Yeah. They were going to come back to LA to be there when he was born," she muttered closing her eyes and leaning in against him for the few stolen moments.
    Even then they would fall asleep before Deb and Dave got there and Clarissa would keep them occupied.
  8. Violet (Young)
    Violet smiled to Red. "I guess it sort of is but one that fortunately doesn't kill you," she said stroking Seth's cheek before she moved to get off the couch to call Deb and Dave.
    The sound of Deb's happy screeching could be heard over the phone before she said they were on their way over.
    When Violet would come sit down she leaned into Red. "They are coming over."
  9. Violet (Young)
    "Oh hell," she leaned her head back into the too many pillows her mother had put behind her head. "You you can hold him while I call her? Pretty sure her and David are in town already."
  10. Violet (Young)
    Violet grinned to him. "Well that was very kind of her because I'm sure I'll need it," he understood the missing half was 'with my mother here'.
    "You know sugar isn't good for the baby," Elisa chided.
    "Mother. I don't need your insight. In fact you guys should all get some rest. I need a nap while Seth is sleeping please."
    Elisa opened her mouth but Francis placed a hand on her knee. "I could use some rest after all of the travel today. Come on."

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