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  1. Alice (Young)
    "Something we can do," Alice added.
    "Unfortunately there is nothing. Now be on your way."
  2. Alice (Young)
    "Our evaluations aren't fully based on performance and you both should know that. We found you to be more compatible with the partners you were paired with. It's as simple as that."
    "No that's bullshit. Which parent paid you off? Was it my dad?"
  3. Alice (Young)
    "The results are confidential as they are every year Mr Redford."
    "Fix it," Alice said. "Run them again. Whatever you have to fucking do. This isn't going to work and you fucks know it," she was too pissed to be courteous or polite, she didn't care at the moment if she'd get an insubordination reprimand on top of what she was already in trouble for. She and Seth never really got into trouble.
    "As we said. First choice is set in stone. You two are dismissed."
  4. Alice (Young)
    "That's fucking ridiculous," Alice added. "We've been paired incorrectly and you fucks know it. Redford and I have been working better together than most fifth year students for our entire time at the Castles. It makes no fucking sense that you're pairing us with other people now."
    "This was a well thought out decision on your pairing and compatibility tests from last year," although it was a bought and paid for result instead of the true result and the best result.
  5. Alice (Young)
    Alice grumbled under her breath about how fucking stupid this was and how they knew their partners were probably giving a good fuck to the person they wanted to be with.
    "This means you are both being placed on probation. If you are found to have intimate contact, including holding hands, then Miss Gregory is going to be expelled," they figured expelling both would give them what they wanted. "Additionally, petition's for partner changes have been suspended this year as in previous years these have been found to be failures."
  6. Alice (Young)
    "Maybe but it's not like anyone else that was there last night was particularly happy," Alice said as she looked to see if he was ready. When he was as well they started out for the long walk toward the main building. They could hear some student's snickering as they walked by but they didn't realize they were talking about them.
    When they got to the main hall where the committee would be held they were escorted inside.
    "Seth Redford and Alice Gregory you are both being reprimanded for public indecency with someone that is not your 5th year partner."
  7. Alice (Young)
    Once she was dressed she moved to adjust her hair. "Maybe this will be fast. I can't imagine what we've done since school started that would require this."
  8. Alice (Young)
    Alice glanced at the paper before she set it aside and moved to get up and into her uniform. "This is so fucking stupid, we were supposed to be able to petition our partners today. This is going to eat through the rest of the day."
  9. Alice (Young)
    Alice furrowed her brow and sat up. "What?" she said as he read the letter but it didn't describe what they had to go on for but what time they had to appear at which was just under an hour. "Fuck," she sighed.
  10. Alice (Young)
    Alice turned over twisting her leg in the covers and looking up to him from the pillow her head was on. "What the fuck did shit eater want?"

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