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Alice (Young)

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  1. Alice (Young)
    Alice laughed and groaned. "I would pay to see that."
  2. Alice (Young)
    "I hope so. She is fucking exhausting and that stupid fucking smile that she always has on her face..." Alice groaned.
  3. Alice (Young)
    "Yeah. The blood doll said we could both go," she acknowledged.
  4. Alice (Young)
    "I'm not," she said. "She made me get into a stupid dress and then kept me drinking until I don't remember what happened," she advised him. "I woke up next to Seth in the morning."
  5. Alice (Young)
    Alice huffed and moved to do as instructed using the counter to pop the top off the beer and sit down at the table.
  6. Alice (Young)
    "I feel like I'm dying," she admitted. "Have a hangover cure?" she asked him.
  7. Alice (Young)
    Both walked out opposite directions from the house.
    It would be far before Seth or Violet came back that Alice would get up and seek out getting water downstairs.
  8. Alice (Young)
    Alice turned over and curled into his warmth as he slid into the covers with her. "I love you baby," she muttered to him.
  9. Alice (Young)
    Alice moved with Seth toward the stairs to head toward his bedroom. Their quietness was successful in getting up the stairs. She curled into the bed and under the blankets after she threw her shoes on the ground and taking off her jacket.
  10. Alice (Young)
    Alice set her feet on the ground as he released her slowly. She released her grip on his neck. They started to come into the house and the smell of cookies was in the air.

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