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  1. Alice (Young)
    "You say that like it's a bad thing," she muttered giving him a kiss.
  2. Alice (Young)
    "See, that's temptation. If I get on your mom's good side I'm getting her to teach me her secrets."
  3. Alice (Young)
    "Just your mom? She must be a bad ass. I wish she'd teach me her secrets."
  4. Alice (Young)
    "That is a fucking feat. I didn't think your dad answered to anyone."
  5. Alice (Young)
    "She makes me feel bad when I don't wash my hands long enough."
  6. Alice (Young)
    "I know. But give me a few days? If I don't find a new job then you can snatch it up. I really don't want the dirty look from your mom because you missed Christmas Eve," she said.
  7. Alice (Young)
    She had recalled his mother making a pretty heavy deal of it. "If you say so," she agreed. Fortunately it was two weeks off so it was possible Alice would have a job and he wouldn't need to do that. "Just hold off a few days before you do that?"
  8. Alice (Young)
    “You sure you want to be at work on a holiday for Harper?” Alice was already working the night shift for all of the big holidays because the holidays brought out the drunk in people. 
  9. Alice (Young)
    Alice smiled to him and gave him a kiss. "Sorry I lost my job."
  10. Alice (Young)
    "I don't just believe that. I know it babe," she said to him as she moved to slip around to his front forcing him to hold her in his lap. "I love you too."

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