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  1. Alice (Young)
    "Then lets not do it here," she muttered to him. "There are motels," she reminded him. Particularly discreet ones.
  2. Alice (Young)
    “Next time I want you to hand cuff me to the bed?” She muttered to him. 
  3. Alice (Young)
    Alice had settled Alex against her chest as he was rubbing his eyes and he settled against her to sleep. She rubbed Alex’s Back and Seth’s leg as they watched the movie. 
  4. Alice (Young)
    Alice smiled as she watched the struggle but once the dog was in the bed she wrapped an arm over the small girl and pulled her into her chest and buried her nose into her hair. 
  5. Alice (Young)
    Alice called the dogs to come out of the room and followed they to the door to let them out. She kept Harper in her arms while the dogs all sniffed around and eventually found a place to go.
    They eventually headed back inside and she advised Harper to make sure Metallica knew she was a good girl for going outside before they headed into the bedroom. 
  6. Alice (Young)
    “Come on,” she muttered to the girl as she bent to lift her up. “Have you taken the dogs out yet?”
  7. Alice (Young)
    "Hey baby girl. Everything okay?" she asked frowning to her. "Sorry, I ran a little farther than I had meant to," although that was half true.
  8. Alice (Young)
    "Yeah," she said dismissively as she leaned over and kissed Harper on the top of her head before she grabbed a gun and made sure it was loaded before she left out the back quietly. She got down the steps and just took off in a direction and started running.
    When she was far enough away from the house that she knew that no one in the house could hear her she slowed down in aclearing and fell down to her knees and screamed at the top of her lungs as she broke down and cried. All she could think of was this was her fault. That she should have been better prepared or something but of course how could she be and now the love of her life was gone and so was her baby and all she wanted to do was disappear or run away and she couldn't do that because then she'd just lose someone else that she cared for.
    She'd stay in that clearing for hours only returning after dark putting the gun back as she came inside and went toward her room.
  9. Alice (Young)
    Alice was bouncing Tonka as she was getting to the point that bouncing wasn't enough because she was hungry and she was trying to eat her fist. When she heard the other two she handed the baby over to Violet, her chest hurt as she was supposed to be nursing too.
    Violet gave Alice a smile.
    "I'm going to go out for a run if you want to come Harper or would you rather stay here with Granna and Granpa?"
  10. Alice (Young)
    When Harper was done she made Violet a large plate of pancakes before she went down the hall with Red. "Do you want me to watch Tonka for you for a few minutes?" Alice offered Red quietly.

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