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  1. David Gregory
    David frowned even though Red couldn't see it. "Alright. On our way back."
  2. David Gregory
    David chuckled shaking his head. "I think that's about as impossible as getting Damian and Alice to talk without ending up in some fist fight by the end of it," he laughed. "We're good here though. You should probably head home. Storm's supposed to be getting worse," he said.
    And it would. It would get so bad that Alice would actually go to the stables to go check on her Rex's in the middle of the night.
  3. David Gregory
    "I prefer quiet weeks. Honestly it's better for us. Thanks to your mom we may start to have more and more quiet weeks," he said.
  4. David Gregory
    “Everything is fine for now,” He said. He was a little confused by his answer about Alice. Even with work to do the pair normally stayed up all night watching those movies that they both enjoyed. 
  5. David Gregory
    David would be pulling the saddle off of his mount so he could dry him off. He glanced to Seth as he came in. "Why are you here? I figured you'd be hanging out with Alice because there was some monster movie marathon today," he said casually as he worked on drying off his mount.
  6. David Gregory
    "It's a lot of stories, not all of them mine."
  7. David Gregory
    "That's probably because they lead a pretty wild life before we all had kids."
  8. David Gregory
    "It was back in the eighties. They had a band and they were on their way to stardom and they were taken by a CIA team. It was actually the first time Deb and I ever met your parents. When they weren't at the next one we went looking, Deb being a Hunter and me being in training. We went out to find them and after about a week we pulled them out of a CIA black site trying to make them into super soldiers and turn more. Debra.... well she was worried about your parents but she was more worried about them creating more. So when we found them, they were supposed to be killed but Deb and I took them out instead. Best friends that we have ever had."
  9. David Gregory
    "Alice has never lead a normal life in her entire life. So I'm sure she understands that," David advised. "Never heard my daughter speak an ill word about you. Now I know why."
  10. David Gregory
    “Crazy how that works right?” David asked him as he settled a little himself. “One little thing could have changed your life.”

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