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  1. David Gregory
    "What are you doing here Keller?" David asked.
    "Here to stop the abomination of a pairing," Steven Keller said. Hector and Ian Keller had swollen faces from when Alice had kicked their ass previously and it almost looked like they were glaring at the bride although it was hard to tell.
    "It's done Keller," David said gruffly.
    "Not if we kill her now," Steven responded.
    David and the other hunters in the room tensed up. "You cross this line Keller, you'll be a blood traitor and you're entire family will no longer be welcome," Debra advised him.
    "You're the blood traitor Debra. Once we take out you're daughter we're going to end your line."
    "Put your guns down before you cause a problem," Debra said.
    David leaned in closer to his sister and whispered something in her ear. Vital disappeared.
  2. David Gregory
    David nodded as he started to get everyone ordered into the commons with sterilization and to start cleaning to keep them occupied.
  3. David Gregory
    "And the rest of us?" David asked glancing to Dagonet as he swayed to the side for a moment.
  4. David Gregory
    David was sitting with Dagonet and Red as they waited for Damina and Asche's review of Charlotte to be sure she would be okay. As Asche came in and Dagonet looked up his vision would start to get blurred just like Charlotte's and he would lean against Red in the process.
  5. David Gregory
    David cleared his throat this time to get them to calm down.
  6. David Gregory
    "Still don't have those details yet. Like Red said, as soon as we know, you'll know," he said.
    "How will we know if we have been? Like are their symptoms?" Alice said.
  7. David Gregory
    Alice nodded as she pulled the mask on and leaned into Seth. "What do we need to do?"
    David looked at them. "Lets get the cleaning supplies and if it's airborne like Asche thinks we're going to need to change out the air filters. Everyone needs gloves and masks at all times until it's figured out."
  8. David Gregory
    "Yeah," he nodded. "I'm going to grab one of Deb's pads maybe it'll help them."
  9. David Gregory
    "Better lives my ass," David said sardonically.
  10. David Gregory
    "Okay, well keep an eye on Chuck and let us know if we can help," he advised her.

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