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  1. Derek (Young)
    "Faster then. Lets go," Derek urged him indicating the path. When they would get back Ilia would figure out pretty quickly that his girlfriend hadn't come back with the rest and was assumed dead.
  2. Derek (Young)
    With the transports gone and all of the people that could be saved, saved it was left to Ilia and Derek to lose the creatures and get back to their ships before they regrouped to come and attack them again.
    It was a long trek and it took hours before they returned worn and tired to the others as they were getting their shit together to leave.
  3. Derek (Young)
    "Well we gotta lead them somewhere and there isn't much else to do other than maybe off the cliff five miles away," Derek nearly snapped back feeling a little helpless but still trying to figure the ways out of this.
  4. Derek (Young)
    Derek tapped a few things on a com device. "If I remember correctly," he said looking at the small screen. "There is a ravine up ahead. If we lead them into the ravine we may be able to lead them off of our trail and circle back to the ship," Derek said breathing heavily as he was tired and winded, the creatures were fast.
  5. Derek (Young)
    There was a dead silence for a moment. "I can't Intrepid 15. My mom died in the crash," he said. Alice looked up and immediately heart broken. "I can get my dad," he said before it went quiet again.
  6. Derek (Young)
    It would take longer than normal but after about five minutes there would be a crackle and the response was from one of David's younger children. "Hello? Alice... is that you!? Are you okay?" it was Derek.

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