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  1. Derek (Young)
    Derek glanced to Damian. “Seth meet Damian,” he said albeit the other man didn’t look up. 
  2. Derek (Young)
    "I bet," he smiled as Damian came in and moved to grab coffee without a word.
  3. Derek (Young)
    "Yeah. She had plans to make your life hell when this all happened. She's not nice when she's angry," Derek said shaking his head as he chuckled.
  4. Derek (Young)
    "Yeah she'd probably blare rock music in the training room to have ignored you for a while," Derek laughed.
  5. Derek (Young)
    "Well then you're just perfect for her aren't you?" he joked. "Really, I am glad to meet you finally. She seems happy. Which is great compared to when she took off."
  6. Derek (Young)
    "Eh.. I sorta like some of them but she gets into some really weird shit."
  7. Derek (Young)
    "Like I said. Thank god," he grinned.
  8. Derek (Young)
    "Probably calling me a bit of a knob head but no where near as bad as Damian I'm sure," he joked right back. "But naw. When she told me should found someone else to torture with her monster trash I was just glad it wasn't going to have to be me anymore," he chuckled.
  9. Derek (Young)
    Derek held up a finger to swallow his food. "I am," he nodded to him. "It's good to properly meet you Seth. Sis has told me a bit about you in letters."
  10. Derek (Young)
    The person he would run into downstairs was Alice's older brother Derek eating breakfast.

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