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  1. Derek (Young)
    "It's in the blood asshole."
    Alice had taken off early enough and had gotten her car working enough that she was hiding in Corinth already working on leaving Corinth to go further.
  2. Derek (Young)
    Derek, in a way was looking for a fight but instead of pushing further he shrugged. “Keep telling yourself that, maybe it will magically bring her back if you believe it hard enough.”
  3. Derek (Young)
    "Mmmm, sure," Derek said. "Not what she said."
  4. Derek (Young)
    Derek actually turned and faced Seth pressing his finger into Seth's chest. While he wasn't Alice he still had the hunter blood in him. "Fuck you bro. You fucked my sister then immediately started dating her worst enemy... if you're not the reason she's gone, you should be."
    With Derek shouting, despite being Drunk Damian perked up and started walking in the direction of the voices.
  5. Derek (Young)
    "That's the short version or some shit. What does it matter? She left her phone and she's fucking gone. Dad's looking for her."
  6. Derek (Young)
    Derek licked his lips. "She said she left because of you. That she couldn't look at you anymore after what happened especially since you wouldn't look at her. She said she's going to travel the world.... according to her. The only thing she'll get in life since she's not going to college. Load of bullshit but its Alice."
  7. Derek (Young)
    "Front of dad's store," he shrugged. "About 2 hours ago. Dad said he'd take care of it but Damian feels responsible. Like he should have kicked your ass. That's why he's here."
  8. Derek (Young)
    "I assume you mean about Alice? Per Damian she took off earlier tonight leaving a note."
  9. Derek (Young)
    Derek sighed. "Whatever. Just let me know if they have pictures or some shit. I'll let you get back to your girlfriend then," he said darkly as Seth attacked his sister verbally.
  10. Derek (Young)
    "Kinda trying to stay on Alice's good side so I'm mostly looking for you to ask and text me," Derek said. "She's mean when she's angry and right now everything that has to do with you earns me a sore shoulder.

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