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  1. Damian (Young)
    Damian was too his feet without thinking as he moved to help get the weight of the large man more onto his shoulders than on Asche. He didn't have gloves on and neither did she. By the time they'd realize they were infected now too. It took the effort from both of them to get him onto the secondary bed while Damian quickly moved to get him the same treatment he was giving Charlotte.
  2. Damian (Young)
    The last thing Seth would half hear was "You're the reason that my sister is gone," and whether that was to Seth or Aurora was hard to tell in his state.
  3. Damian (Young)
    "Don't know," he said obstinately similar to the way Alice would have if she had been there.
  4. Damian (Young)
    Damian was, for once in his life, actually drinking. So when Seth came over he started to laugh. "Of course you'd come to kill my buzz," he said.
  5. Damian (Young)
    "We going to get out of here?"
    Damian showed up of all people and Derek started swearing somewhere near the bonfire.
  6. Damian (Young)
    Damian nodded to Red.
  7. Damian (Young)
    "Just there normal friends," Damian said.
  8. Damian (Young)
    Damian nodded. "Make sure they follow quarantine too. No interacting. Straight in to clean up and we need to monitor them all for 24 hours."
  9. Damian (Young)
    "He does," Damian nodded. "We should probably set everyone to disinfecting," Damian advised. "The antibiotics will fix them but that doesn't mean that the bacteria isn't somewhere here on the ship."
  10. Damian (Young)
    "You wore gloves right?" Damian looked to Asche from the microscope he was looking at.

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