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  1. Damian (Young)
    Damian simply smirked to her second comment but didn't acknowledge whether he'd heard it or not. "So I'm trying to sort by priority. Emergency stuff closest to the table as much as possible and then the further away the less urgent the patient will be."
  2. Damian (Young)
    Damian nodded to her. "We can always setup an expedition out. Gotta wait for whatever that thing is to go away just in case. Not looking forward to that taking a chunk out of me, or any of its friends."
  3. Damian (Young)
    Damian looked up to her and smiled. "Basically. Have a lot more people than we have supplies for so it's best to know what we have."
  4. Damian (Young)
    Damian was settled in a chair looking over the items in the med bay as he lazily continued to sort things out.
  5. Damian (Young)
    Damian glanced over to her. "I don't know your daddy but I doubt it."
  6. Damian (Young)
    "Well..." he gave Asche a half shrug.
  7. Damian (Young)
    "Yeah. Not too happy that fuck is nailing my little sister if I'm honest."
  8. Damian (Young)
    "Dunno. You'd have to ask Seth or Richie. I"m pretty sure that Seth is holed up with my little sis though."
  9. Damian (Young)
    "I think she's just stressed. Red's kids are pretty upset today and she's been trying really hard to break through and I think she lost some ground or something."
  10. Damian (Young)
    Damian nudged her knee below the table. "You did what you could. That's all anyone could hope for."

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