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  1. Damian (Young)
    Damian looked to Seth and simply nodded to him to acknowledge that he heard him but that was it. “Mum said we’re going to be flying to Vegas. So get you stuff ready,” Damian said to Derek as he moved to sit down at the table with his coffee. 
  2. Damian (Young)
    Meanwhile Damian was still studying it and he was trying to go off his memory of what his mom would tell him to do in a situation like this. God he missed her. It showed in his taught shoulders as he continued to use the machines to try and figure out how this thing worked.
    Charlotte would wake up and forget why she couldn't see, the bandages around her eyes before she called out for Dagonet.
  3. Damian (Young)
    Damian took in a breath. "You go tell my dad and I'm going to run some more tests to see if we can figure out how to cure this thing."
  4. Damian (Young)
    It took about twenty minutes before Damian finished running the test. "It's an unknown bacteria," he advised Asche. It meant they all could have inhaled it by now so they were all in danger. "We need to figure out how to cure it or else we're all going to die on this ship," he advised her. "Come on, we need to run tests and I need your help."
  5. Damian (Young)
    "No, lets find out what it might be first and figure out a plan of action. Make sure you're always wearing gloves and put on a mask," he advised her as he pulled on some gloves himself and put on a mask.
  6. Damian (Young)
    Damian looked at it. “What is that? Is it a bruise?” He asked tilting his head as if it would give him a different perspective. 
  7. Damian (Young)
    It took a few minutes for the process and the pressure and the deal to be made but they onboarded and let Dagonet lead them to Charlotte. 
    She had fallen asleep but the purple discoloration had spread to the size of a quarter on the back of her hand. 
    “So there was a breach in the suit? Where is her suit?” Damian asked. 
  8. Damian (Young)
    Damian simply smirked to her second comment but didn't acknowledge whether he'd heard it or not. "So I'm trying to sort by priority. Emergency stuff closest to the table as much as possible and then the further away the less urgent the patient will be."
  9. Damian (Young)
    Damian nodded to her. "We can always setup an expedition out. Gotta wait for whatever that thing is to go away just in case. Not looking forward to that taking a chunk out of me, or any of its friends."
  10. Damian (Young)
    Damian looked up to her and smiled. "Basically. Have a lot more people than we have supplies for so it's best to know what we have."

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