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  1. Donovan Redford
    Donovan. "Starting to become a long month. I'm just hoping it doesn't become a long year."
  2. Donovan Redford
    "Can't wait to hear the shit about how we're letting cousins date," he sighed in frustration running his hand over his head. "Fuck," he said heading inside to go get a drink."
  3. Donovan Redford
    "Because I was hopin' maybe she'd get the fucking hint," he fucking huffed. "Its not like anything else was workin'."
  4. Donovan Redford
    Donnie ran his hand through his hair, "Fuck Red. No but this is shit and you know it. Locking her up isn't working and now I have to worry about her trying to take off again."
  5. Donovan Redford
    “Yeah. But I’m afraid she’s as brash as Debra and as stubborn as David.”
  6. Donovan Redford
    “And you think whatever she did to Alice is going to work? She did it to teach him a lesson. It doesn’t sound like she was given the same lesson.”
  7. Donovan Redford
    "We can try that, but we know that can take a while and she seems to want to put her fangs into our kids."
  8. Donovan Redford
    Donnie cursed and ground his teeth. "That bitch just knows how to get under the skin, doesn't she?"
  9. Donovan Redford
    Donnie may not have been alpha but it didn't mean he wasn't mean as hell. He glared at Seth. "We'll finish this later," he said as he moved to leave with Alice.
  10. Donovan Redford
    Donnie breathed through his nose. "It's none of your fucking business boy," Donnie said abruptly standing up. "And if you were my boy I'd slap that sass out of your mouth," he said. "You stay away from her or else your mother is going to be picking buck shot out of your hide," he threatened.

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