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  1. Donovan Redford
    Donovan stood up and the others followed. He shook Seth's hand. "It's good to see you again too kid. I'll hopefully be seeing you around. If it's any consolation. Tell your woman I'm sorry."
  2. Donovan Redford
    "We know it's scary. It was for all of us once," Donnie advised him. "If you have questions I live at the cabin I told you about. You can come visit and I'll answer and that come up."
  3. Donovan Redford
    Donovan glanced to Jericho but nodded all the same. “So it’s customary for our pack to invite new turns to our moon ritual. So you and your fiancée are welcome to join us next month. It’s normally a bit of a party.”
  4. Donovan Redford
    “I woulda done the same thing in her position. It was either him or her,” Donovan said. “Where’s his body?”
  5. Donovan Redford
    “The pack is always the best. Hunting dear together normally keeps them focused and out of trouble,” he said. “I’m sorry about Brian though. He was newer and didn’t want to listen. We assume you killed him and the fight is how you got bit?”
  6. Donovan Redford
    "Just like wolves. I'm actually the alpha. Jericho here is my second," he advised him with a half shrug.
  7. Donovan Redford
    "Well our pack meets out at a cabin we have a barbecue and then we go out and get naked and shift. We all wander back in the morning. There is another pack south of the city too."
  8. Donovan Redford
    "They just can't. Werewolf women lose their babies within the first 3 months. Max I saw was five before they lost it. Just not viable. Even a werewolf man having a kid with a human woman is difficult and nearly impossible."
  9. Donovan Redford
    Donovan shook his head. "I'm sorry there isn't."
  10. Donovan Redford
    "I understand it's rough boy but if ya don't you shift in town, go on  a killing spree and get killed yourself that's a bad choice but it'll happen. We've seen it happen to many folks. You have to make it work. Even if it's leaving early. We've seen some try to sedate themselves but it turns out pretty bad pretty quick or they overdose on whatever they use to sedate themselves."

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