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  1. Damian Gregory
    The class was dismissed shortly after that and Damian looked to Asche.
  2. Damian Gregory
    Damian grit his teeth and tilted his head to the side simply nodding.
  3. Damian Gregory
    "You know exactly what for," he said to her.
  4. Damian Gregory
    With every stroke and tease he got wound up. It was difficult to concentrate on the class while he teased her. As class started to conclude he leaned in to whisper to her. "You are going to have to stand in front of me as we leave," he advised her.
  5. Damian Gregory
    "I know so," he said as he released her wrist and they got into the room for class and moved to his seat.
  6. Damian Gregory
    Damian grabbed her wrist and yanked it away from him leaning in to nuzzle his nose against her ear. "I'm going to make you regret this tonight," he advised her.
  7. Damian Gregory
    "This is sort of a secret path the to lake I promised. It's the other side, where most people don't go because you can't get to it with your car."
  8. Damian Gregory
    "Not too much further," he answered vaguely as he turned them off the trail and up a steep incline.
  9. Damian Gregory
    Damian smiled as he tightened his grip around her taking in a deep breath as they settled.
    The next morning their breakfast would be fast as they had classes to get to and they had gotten up a little late.
  10. Damian Gregory
    Damian kissed her instead of continuing the conversation.

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