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  1. Damian Gregory
    "Yeah. It's a little weird," he said. "Let me test the suit opening."
  2. Damian Gregory
    "Thanks Red," he said as he nodded before he took in a breath. "I should probably go try to catch Alice before she sneaks out."
  3. Damian Gregory
    "I think that's because she doesn't want to have kids," Damian defended his fiance. "I just, I need to be here for her and can't go chasing my sister if it comes down to that.
  4. Damian Gregory
    Damian sighed. "Yeah. It's not an ideal situation to be in on either side really. I know she and Harper are hurt and frustrated but its no reason to take off at the first opportunity," he added. "I also think Asche is pregnant."
  5. Damian Gregory
    “I agree,” he nodded. “I know it’s uncomfortable for them but it would be wrong to let them leave just because of that. I sorta wish I could get her to sit down and talk to Seth. Like really talk to him.”
  6. Damian Gregory
    Damian smiled and shook his head. “Yeah well I’m hoping not to have to resort to that. It’s still an option though.”
  7. Damian Gregory
    Damian smirked more to himself than to Red. "I think I still have a pair of handcuffs in my gun bag," he advised the older man.
  8. Damian Gregory
    Damian took in a breath and exhaled. "I don't know," he said as an answer to both questions. Both Damian and Asche were a little tired of running.
  9. Damian Gregory
    Damian shrugged and shoved his hands into his jeans pockets as he did when he wasn't sure or uncomfortable. "I don't know yet honestly. Something to get her to stay."
  10. Damian Gregory
    "Nuh-Uh," she said obviously lying.
    As Damian came out he'd run into Red. "Hey, I'm gonna go talk to Alice."

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