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  1. Derek Gregory
    Derek sounded a little annoyed when he got the call but sighed. "Some restaurant called Vive Beatus in the city. Lamont wanted to take her for some fancy night out or some shit," he said to the man.
  2. Derek Gregory
    Alice took Seth’s hand but didn’t pull herself up immediately. She was shaking. When her brothers looked to her they looked to Seth. “You’re screwing our lil sister they said as they got up.”
  3. Derek Gregory
    Derek and Damian laughed. "If we didn't know any better, we'd think yer talkin' about our sister," she chuckled. "Well if ya want we are happy to drink ourselves stupid with ya," they lifted their drinks to him. They had nothing better to do at the moment.
  4. Derek Gregory
    "Girl troubles then mate?" he said raising his drink to his brother. "You want to talk about it?"
  5. Derek Gregory
    The people Seth would meet that night, he would have no idea was even related to his Dorogoy until the next day. Damian and Derek were sitting next to him. "You sure you want to keep knocking those back mate?" Derek said leaning in toward Seth.
  6. Derek Gregory
    "I was then," he answered her with a smirk, "and I'm aware unfortunately."
    It would be about then that Derek meandered over, sopping wet. "You're still being a pain in the arse mate?" he looked to his brother. "You don't get inside and get into something I can get ya wet in I'm going to pick your ass up and throw you in the pool in your nice clothes."
    "Bugger off Derek."
  7. Derek Gregory
    "Ugh, contracts," Derek muttered and Damian chimed in his agreement. They wouldn't even be there right then if there wasn't a contract. How did Alice get out of this? It was her husband's families party after all.
    "You happy here?" Damian actually chimed in for once.
  8. Derek Gregory
    Derek accepted and handed one off to his brother. "Really? That's a fair share far away. How'd you end up here?" he asked her curiously as he lit his cigarette.
  9. Derek Gregory
    "Aye," he nodded. "Born and raised," he nodded to her. "How about you? Where're you from?"
  10. Derek Gregory
    "He's not any better about gnawing on her," he advised the woman crossing his arms as he swung to look at Derek. They were there, now what? Damian didn't want to be there and would take any opportunity to leave.
    Derek on the other hand smiled to Asche and Seth. "So lead the way love. I'm excited to see how you American's have fun."

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