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  1. Debra Gregory
    "That's a pretty fluke coincidence," she mentioned. "My mother would call it fate. You actually like one another?"
  2. Debra Gregory
    "So you said you met in Florida? How?"
  3. Debra Gregory
    "When Alice was... I think 7 or 8? She dared her brother Derek to go into the woods behind our house. The woods that we had told them terrible stories of monsters in the dark. It was while they were camping in our back yard you see," she explained. "So as he got out into the woods she snuck into them quietly maneuvering around him and scaring the shit out of him only to hear a bear and run away screaming herself," Debra advised.
    "I told you it wasn't cute," Alice chimed in.
  4. Debra Gregory
    Debra finally piped up. "Oh don't worry, that's not nearly as bad as Alice," Debra chimed.
    "Mum!" Alice said sharply and the whole group looked at her. "Do you really have to tell everyone that story?"
    Debra smirked to her daughter. "I just figured the parents at the table were sharing kid stories. Yours is cute."
    "It is not cute."
  5. Debra Gregory
    "You should ask her about that time in Italy," Debra smirked as Alice took the food offered to her. "Call if you need anything. We're leaving in about an hour."
  6. Debra Gregory
    Debra nodded. "She is fine. Takes a lot more than that to take your mum out. I should know. She's a lot tougher than she looks."
  7. Debra Gregory
    "Fuck, mum, what do you want?"
    "You guys need to eat something. Brought you some food," she said to them as she moved to settle on the edge of the bed closest to Alice.
  8. Debra Gregory
    Debra smiled. "It sounds terrible but it's important. For Harper and and Alex please," she said.
  9. Debra Gregory
    Alice was still tired and it would be hard to wake her up.
    "Wake up Seth," Debra said. "You need to both eat so that you can recover."
  10. Debra Gregory
    Debra smiled to Alexei as they went in. "Allybear," she muttered to the girl. "Seth," she said to try to wake them up.

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