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  1. Aurora Jones
    As Seth left so did Derek and Damian as Seth did with Aurora.
    Aurora was almost a little too tipsy as the moved away. The ripple of words and rumors would get to them before they left camp.... Some made sense, others didn't. One of them being that Alice ran away.
  2. Aurora Jones
    It would be about the time that Lamont attached to Stacey Black that it would be apparent that Alice had left.
    Aurora was still well attached to Seth trying to distract him as best as she could though.
  3. Aurora Jones
    Aurora bit her bottom lip and nodded but Alice wouldn't show back up for the rest of the night.
  4. Aurora Jones
    "A little but I'm willing to slum it with you," she said with a grin.
  5. Aurora Jones
    "I think it would be fun," she said turning into Seth and running her hand up his chest.
    If he would look up Alice would be gone and Lamont just sitting where he was. Derek on the other hand, covering for his sister.
  6. Aurora Jones
    "I'm good. Hoping you're willing to go out into the woods tonight?" she said. It was a direct invitation for more than last time.
  7. Aurora Jones
    It would take a few minutes before Aurora would show up near Seth and she would poke him in his side.
  8. Aurora Jones
    Aurora bit her bottom lip, eyes lighting up as he called her babe. She twisted and started to walk away to go get ready for the evening.
  9. Aurora Jones
    "I've seen you worse," she smirked to him. "I'll see you at the game then?"
  10. Aurora Jones
    Aurora smiled up to him. "So, I'm ready for the date. I figured the diner?"

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