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  1. Aurora Jones
    Aurora shook her head. "No one else made it," she admitted. "I... almost didn't but I came here instead of the shelter they told us to go to," she said. "All of my friends are dead."
  2. Aurora Jones
    She nodded her head. "I didn't know where else to go," she admitted as she was still crying. "Please. I know Seth doesn't want me around but... I mean I'm Harper's mom," she pleaded.
  3. Aurora Jones
    Aurora watch him leave and once he was out of the door he would hear a crash of a picture frame hitting the door behind him, the one that was of the two of them. 
  4. Aurora Jones
    Aurora’s gaze darkened when she heard he’d cheated on her. “You couldn’t live with that? ypure Going to regret this. Get the fuck out.”
  5. Aurora Jones
    “Do I get an explanation? Or are you going to just be an asshole and give me some ‘it’s not you it’s me’ speeches.”
  6. Aurora Jones
    “Excuse me? And when did you come upon this revelation?”
  7. Aurora Jones
    “What?” She said darkly. 
  8. Aurora Jones
    Aurora’s gaze narrowed at him. “We can talk later. You promised me a night out. Get dressed, let’s go. We’ll be late,” she demanded. 
  9. Aurora Jones
    Aurora has thrown some stuff around and was still calling Seth. When she heard the buzz of his phone in the hall she came out, fully dressed and ready. “Where in the hell did you go? Where have you been?”
  10. Aurora Jones
    "I'd love to have you along, you could tell me which ones you prefer," she said giving him a smile.
    The excursion would be pleasant as well as the reunion, albeit about the same as it always was. It would be the next night, just before they were about to leave for dinner that Seth would get a text from Alice.
    // Lamont asked me to marry him....
    Alice was fishing for some sort of reaction from him, a don't do it or something that told her that maybe that weekend wasn't just sex for him either.

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