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Alice (1940s)

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  1. Alice (1940s)
    The pair of them continued through, Alice sticking close to Seth as she was a little scared, part of it from being placed in dark rooms and tormented while at the asylum.
    Once they got to the back chamber there was a trickle of water sounding all around them and small pool of water.
  2. Alice (1940s)
    "You might get your wish," she said to him as they moved along the path. "Especially if it's a hot spring or something back here."
  3. Alice (1940s)
    Alice scooted sideways following him. Her size making it far easier as they slipped through the crack further into the cave. She tucked in closer to him as the sound of water got louder.
  4. Alice (1940s)
    Alice bit her bottom lip. "No use in going back if there is more to see right?" she said as they moved slowly toward the sound.
  5. Alice (1940s)
    Alice indicated to a place that it got deeper. "Sounds like there is water back that way," she said.
  6. Alice (1940s)
    Alice nodded to him letting him lead her in that direction. She hesitated a moment before she would follow him into the cave. 
  7. Alice (1940s)
    Alice nodded to him. “You remember where it is?”
  8. Alice (1940s)
    "Think we should go and get a flashlight?"
  9. Alice (1940s)
    Alice eventually earned into him. “Do you want to try to go in that cave you found?”
  10. Alice (1940s)
    Alice moved to get out of bed, the dog immediately moving to follow the pair even though it was still limping.

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