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  1. Alice (1940s)
    Alice smiled to him. "With my string bean arms," she teased as she leaned into him a little more.
  2. Alice (1940s)
    "It might help keep be from getting cornered like I did when Jackie showed up."
  3. Alice (1940s)
    Alice shook her head. "You know what I meant Seth."
  4. Alice (1940s)
    "You never know, maybe our new affliction will work in our favor, maybe I you can teach me how to fight now that I'm a little stronger," she said.
  5. Alice (1940s)
    "I've never been stuck with you Seth Redford," she said to him. "I'm lucky to have you."
  6. Alice (1940s)
    "Yeah. I also have a hard time telling where sounds are even coming from. I guess it takes time," she said to him. "I'm sorry for biting you too," she admitted to him.
  7. Alice (1940s)
    That felt forever away. He still needed to get divorced. "I hope so. I feel really weird after being bitten by that creature. Stronger."
  8. Alice (1940s)
    Alice looked over and up to him. "Maybe I don't but I'm not particularly good at much. I sometimes feel like I belong in another life or another time."
  9. Alice (1940s)
    "Not really good at anything except for waitressing. You know that I'd be a terrible secretary and there really isn't much else to do," she reminded him. "I might be an okay mother though," she said to him albeit the sentiment didn't sound exactly like she believed it.
  10. Alice (1940s)
    Alice smiled. "I was thinking more something for you to cook and for me to keep my hands busy with since you don't like my job. Maybe become a proper house mom? I can make sandwiches pretty well," she reminded him.

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