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  1. Edwards
    "Give me the bitch Seth before I rip her out of your hands."
  2. Edwards
    "You think I can't? I mean you are crooked."
  3. Edwards
    "Well you have two choices Redford. Release her to me or go to jail and I'll still get her."
  4. Edwards
    Edwards shrugged. "It doesn't matter does it. It's legitimate."
  5. Edwards
    "I don't need proof Redford. I have her signature that says that when I believe she's unwell I can do what I think is necessary."
  6. Edwards
    "Through what Redford? The woman is mentally unwell. She needs to be in there otherwise she's going to hurt people."
  7. Edwards
    "Why save her? What does she mean to you Redford?"
  8. Edwards
    "Except for you detective. You had plenty to gain."
  9. Edwards
    "You say that but here you are, instead of helping me find the real killer, defending her."
  10. Edwards
    "She slept in his blood Redford. You don't find that peculiar? Crazy? I don't believe it. That's the sort of woman that revels in death, that will do it again. She's going back and she's never coming out."

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