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  1. Alice (Scars)
    Alice halted shaking her head. "What do you mean they'll take your babies?"
  2. Alice (Scars)
    "Why are you here then? We'll see if we can get him out. We were planning on leaving for another few weeks anyways."
  3. Alice (Scars)
    Alice huffed. "Fuck. Dri?" she shouted upstairs. "Is Joe okay?" Alice asked Dagonet.
  4. Alice (Scars)
    Alice stiffened up. "What the fuck? Why?" she frowned angrily.
  5. Alice (Scars)
    Alice was inside, her brothers there lounging on the couch, Damian probably a little too close to Asche for Dagonet's sake. When she got to the door and opened it. "Two visits in one day. It must be a great day," she nodded to invite him in. "Dag these are my older brothers Damian," she indicated to the one next to Asche, "and Derek."
  6. Alice (Scars)
    Alice laughed and shook her head. “Good luck. They are supposed to be over for dinner later in case you want to try,” she said glancing at the woman. Aliceset the last of the dishes aside sighing as she knew that meant it was time for their walk. 
    Alice hadn’t told Seth yet, but all the peacefulness of this place felt surreal, like she was living in a dream and any moment she’d wake up back in the metro. 
  7. Alice (Scars)
    Alice smiled to the other woman. “You might find someone. Both of my brothers are available,” she teased with a smirk nudging the other woman. 
  8. Alice (Scars)
    “I know part of it is I’m over protective too,” she admitted. 
  9. Alice (Scars)
    “Seth says it’s because we are both hard headed and stubborn.”
  10. Alice (Scars)
    "I'll talk to him. Him and I have never really gotten along though so I don't know how good it'll do."

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