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  1. Alice (Scars)
    Alice halted shaking her head. "What do you mean they'll take your babies?"
  2. Alice (Scars)
    "Why are you here then? We'll see if we can get him out. We were planning on leaving for another few weeks anyways."
  3. Alice (Scars)
    Alice huffed. "Fuck. Dri?" she shouted upstairs. "Is Joe okay?" Alice asked Dagonet.
  4. Alice (Scars)
    Alice stiffened up. "What the fuck? Why?" she frowned angrily.
  5. Alice (Scars)
    Alice was inside, her brothers there lounging on the couch, Damian probably a little too close to Asche for Dagonet's sake. When she got to the door and opened it. "Two visits in one day. It must be a great day," she nodded to invite him in. "Dag these are my older brothers Damian," she indicated to the one next to Asche, "and Derek."
  6. Alice (Scars)
    Alice got up a few minutes later and got herself into something comfortable before she joined them. Sliding up behind Seth to kiss his neck before she moved to sit at the table with Alexei and Ilia. Marina was "helping" Seth.
  7. Alice (Scars)
    Alice huffed and shook her head. "So you got the scar on the side of your face because none of the others mean anything to you?" she meant the one he got when he saved Ilia from the ghost. It seemed like forever ago. Alice sighed and moved to get up so he could sit down and go back to drinking. "If I'm important to you then why are we even having this fight? They are important to me and that should make them important to you too. Or at least important enough..." she shook her head and moved to leave. "I really did want to celebrate tonight. Even before Chuck called by the way. You found my brothers and that was the best gift anyone could have given me. Instead I'm leaving with a broken heart and a wounded ego," she shook her head. "Have a good night Seth."
  8. Alice (Scars)
    Alice breathed through her nose angrily as she looked up to him. "What am I supposed to do Seth? If I did that same thing to Alexei? Or Ilia? You'd make me fix it too. They are family. A big, fucked up, weird family. Family is important to me, it always has and you know it. I thought it was important to you too. If it's not then why have we kept them around for as long as we have? It would be easier to just be me, you and the kids and you know it. Fewer people to take care of fewer mouths to feed. Fewer things to fuck up. Fewer people to make sure they are happy. Hell this wouldn't have even been a problem in the first place."
    "I fucking love you and I love them too. Even that stupid fuck Dag grew on me eventually and if you tell him that I'll kill you. I need you. I want you. I just don't think you care about me anymore and you're just going through the motions because of the kids and it breaks my heart. Do you not want to be with me anymore? With them? Is that the problem? Is that why you are pushing us all away?"
  9. Alice (Scars)
    Alice looked up to him. "I'm sorry Seth. Please stay. I'll leave if you want me too."
  10. Alice (Scars)
    Alice looked up to him. She thought it was obvious. "To thank you," she said to him. "Alexei and Ilia have the kids for the night."

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