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  1. Celeste Vega
    "Exciting," Celeste said with a smirk. "I knew I'd love meeting your family."
  2. Celeste Vega
    Alice nodded to him.
    "Who is Aurora exactly?" Celeste asked looking between the four of them.
  3. Celeste Vega
    Celeste smiled to him. "We're so having a talk when we get home."
  4. Celeste Vega
    Celeste listened intently. "So it sounds like you've only been telling me half of the interesting stories from your childhood."
  5. Celeste Vega
    Celeste laughed. "Apparently the tame version. He only told me that you guys got up to that stuff," she said glancing up to Seth.
  6. Celeste Vega
    Celeste grinned to him. "So Seth has told me a lot about you both I'm glad to be able to put the faces to the names," she said to them.
    "What sort of stuff?" Alice asked curiously. There was an impish smile on her face curious if her friend told him the real shit they got into or just the shit that she and Dixon had done.
    "Mostly about High School, how you grew up together," she said moving to take a seat.
  7. Celeste Vega
    Celeste smiled. "Yeah I guess it would be nice to at least know who the bride and groom are before I see the white dress and tux," she said to him.
  8. Celeste Vega
    Celeste frowned and decided to ignore it. "Fine," she said to him. "So who are we going to meet next?"
  9. Celeste Vega
    "Well.. what were they talking about? I'm curious now."
  10. Celeste Vega
    "It's good to meet you both. I bet you're both excited for the wedding."

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