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  1. Alex Redford
    "That's what you say but Harpy still has a scar," he reminded him as the dog came back to him and he disappeared into the house.
  2. Alex Redford
    "No I didn't see them. That's why I don't believe you."
  3. Alex Redford
    "Specially my sister," Alex said proffering like he was the man of the house and Seth was a bad guy.
  4. Alex Redford
    Alex rolled his eyes. "That's just cause she likes us better. You were a meanie."
  5. Alex Redford
    "Good thing she doesn't make them for you," he said haughtily.
  6. Alex Redford
    "Oatmeal raisin cookies," he countered with.
  7. Alex Redford
    "And she makes really good cookies."
  8. Alex Redford
    Alex nodded and smiled. "I like granna."
  9. Alex Redford
    "Just taking the dog out," he shrugged. "He's gotta go pee before bed is what mom said."
  10. Alex Redford
    The pair had a good few hours before they slipped out just before Violet and the kids came back. It would be later that Seth would be outside smoking a cigarette that he would get caught with Alex. He had come outside with the dog they had gotten while they were there. He looked up to Seth and frowned.

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