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  1. Alex Redford
    Alex shrugged. "I could eat," he said to him as he sludged through the sand to head back toward his mother and sister.
  2. Alex Redford
    Alex actually laughed. "Nothing can stop a good hunter," he advised his dad.
  3. Alex Redford
    That made Alex smile at Seth for the first time as he waited for Seth to put his foot in and Alex pretended to be a monster as he destroyed it.
  4. Alex Redford
    Alex got up and put his first foot in. "You gonna help?"
  5. Alex Redford
    Alex looked up to him confused. "Okay I guess," he shrugged.
  6. Alex Redford
    Alex glanced to where his sister was. "Maybe," he agreed. "So do you want to smash it then?"
  7. Alex Redford
    "Well now normally Harper tries to come over and smash it," he admitted.
  8. Alex Redford
    "Much better,' He agreed as the dragon looked angrier.
  9. Alex Redford
    "He should have a meaner face," Alex instructed his dad.
  10. Alex Redford
    "You mean Granna and Granpa?" he asked him curiously. "They are nice."

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