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  1. Elisa Selvaggio
    “I just want what is best for you and your family,” Elisa said to him. “And Violet having a career would be good for that,” although Elisa was more trying to get Violet away from Red to show her the error of her ways. Even if having a kid at college would be hard.
  2. Elisa Selvaggio
    "Is that how you greet the mother of the woman you're abusing. I want to talk to my daughter."
  3. Elisa Selvaggio
    "Yeah of course," although that was up to Violet and at least her father knew that much. "See you later Red," he said as Elisa finished grabbing what Violet would need and brushed past Red again to leave.
  4. Elisa Selvaggio
    “What does it matter to you?” Her mother snarled angrily. 
    “She did to try to convince her friend she had to go out to the club.”
    ”To see you,” Elisa tacked on.
  5. Elisa Selvaggio
    "You're not kin so it doesn't matter what she wants. The hospital will be obliged to remove you if you don't leave of your own accord," she said to the boy. "Now go."
  6. Elisa Selvaggio
    Elisa gave him a smile that he had seen on Violet a few times. It was her 'I'm trying to be polite but don't test me' smiles. "Leave before I have the orderlies drag you out," she said evenly.
  7. Elisa Selvaggio
    "Frances, why doesn't she have water... or another blanket. She must be freezing," she said fussing over her daughter. "Tell Nico to get us a nurse," she instructed her husband who nodded and went to go find their son.
    Finally Elisa turned her attention to the boy. "You can go now," she instructed Red.
  8. Elisa Selvaggio
    "Don't leave," she muttered to him. "Sing to me," she said as she was already drifting back off.
    It would be only another twenty or so minutes before a rather flustered blonde woman and what appeared to be her husband came in and walked straight over to Violet. "I'm here Violet. Mother's here," she said glancing to Red with a disapproving gaze.

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