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  1. David (Young)
    David chuckled as Red defended himself. “Yeah but you were the one everyone remembers,” he chuckled.
  2. David (Young)
    “I remember some of those escapades,” David chuckled taking another sip of his coffee. “Certainly glad I was never as reckless as you. Don’t have that wolf regeneration to back up recklessness.”
  3. David (Young)
    "I think that means we should keep chatting. So do tell."
  4. David (Young)
    "You saying Red was a difficult asshole from before he was born?"
  5. David (Young)
    "I'm just glad you are all safe after all the scares that that one gave us all."
  6. David (Young)
    David nodded. "You and me both. As long as she doesn't come early that is," he looked to Debra who shrugged. "The boys were both on time. Doesn't seem likely this one wouldn't be either."
  7. David (Young)
    David chuckled and shook head at Red. "A few weeks and then back to tour."
  8. David (Young)
    "I feel like I'm going to break my back some days but I'm sure I"ll get used to it. Can't wait until Damian and Derek are big enough to help out too."
  9. David (Young)
    Violet watched him fill up his glass with whiskey.
    David coughed to segue. "So I forgot how hard ranch work is," he said to Red. "It's been so long in the city I almost became a city boy I think."
  10. David (Young)
    "Violet," David admitted with a shrug. "She's just got a way with them. Always has."

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