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  1. David (Young)
    “It appears so,” he agreed. “I’ll have to get their number from her. I don’t think mine would have gotten a place this nice,” he admitted. He soon finished off his cigarette. “Anyways, don’t be nervous. Life only gets better and more interesting from here.”
  2. David (Young)
    David took a draw from his cigarette. There was something beyond Red and Violet's wedding on his mind but he wasn’t ready to talk about it. “Great location that you chose here.”
  3. David (Young)
    "She wouldn't be marrying you if she thought otherwise Red. Your girl is smarter than that."
  4. David (Young)
    "She's lucky to have you too," David advised him. Something no one told him when he was getting married but he damn well believed it with Red and Violet.
  5. David (Young)
    “I think she’s good for you Red,” he said. “I’m actually really glad you found each other.”
  6. David (Young)
    "With her? About everything."
  7. David (Young)
    "You've been straight with her right?" David asked him more directly. The Gregory bluntness coming out in him.
  8. David (Young)
    "I don't remember sleeping a wink before my wedding. For nearly a whole week. I was worried Deb would come to her senses and take off."
  9. David (Young)
    "If you love her, you'll tolerate Elisa," he said with a smirk. "You doing alright?"
  10. David (Young)
    David shook his head. "My mom is an Elisa equivalent honestly. So..." he shrugged.

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