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  1. Debra (Young)
    Debra laughed as Alice kicked particularly hard and made her grunt. "I think everyone agrees with that."
  2. Debra (Young)
    "You've always been a lucky fucking devil Red Redford," Debra smirked as she leaned in with a smile.
  3. Debra (Young)
    "I don't know. She says that coffee isn't good for you... She'll let me smoke weed though," she shrugged. "Clover is a unique woman and you know it. Hippy is the least of her problems."
  4. Debra (Young)
    "I know but my mother has a way of making you feel guilty without actually blaming you for it."
  5. Debra (Young)
    Debra shook her head. "Clover would kill me," she said but Dave offered his mug out for a re-fill.
  6. Debra (Young)
    "Oh absolutely," Debra nodded to the woman. "I can barely stand up some days let alone cook. Dave has to do it all for me. These two keep us busy though," she sighed exasperatedly.
  7. Debra (Young)
    Debra smiled up to him. "He's so cute. And officially a Dawnbreak baby," she teased Red.
  8. Debra (Young)
    "Yeah well when you have your next I'm sure you'll be more prepared. I can barely remember what it was like before Damian," she said giving him a smile.
  9. Debra (Young)
    Debra smiled and rolled her eyes but didn't deny it. When she got angry she got physical and she knew how to make a punch hurt even a werewolf.
  10. Debra (Young)
    Debra smiled to him. "That's really sweet of you. Dave did the same at night for me."

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