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  1. Debra (Young)
    "I don't doubt it," she said with a smile. "Enjoy it. They will be big faster than you realize," she said to him and gave him a hug before she got into the car.
    "See you later Red," David said gruffly before climbing into the car.
  2. Debra (Young)
    "Doubt that you possibly moving to Dawnbreak would help much either," Debra said. "Thanks though," she said as Derek squawked unhappily. "Call if you need me."
  3. Debra (Young)
    "Elisa does seem to be as scary as Violet can be when she's craving cookies," Debra laughed.
  4. Debra (Young)
    "Thanks Red. I swear to god I'm never having another kid after this one," she said to him with a smile. "You doing okay? Baby is a lot of work."
  5. Debra (Young)
    Debra laughed. "She's not that bad," Debra defended her mother. "She never ever turned you away when you were drunk or stoned and couldn't go home."
  6. Debra (Young)
    Debra laughed. "Yeah Clover and Max are pretty liberal. Clover always said that I needed to be free and live my life. Really odd mantra for a woman that could kick a vampires ass in a heartbeat."
  7. Debra (Young)
    "I was a perfect child," she said. Although very few knew of the mischief she got up to.
  8. Debra (Young)
    "My mother said the same thing. That's why she's excited this will be a girl, at least according to Vital."
  9. Debra (Young)
    "Yeah well as long as he's as smart as Vi it won't matter much will it? He really will be the big dog on the block."
  10. Debra (Young)
    Debra laughed. "I do remember that," she agreed.

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