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  1. Debra (Young)
    It would be in the middle of dinner that they would get a call from Debra, mostly to check if they were still rehearsing the next day and partly to be excited over her engagement.
  2. Debra (Young)
    Debra pulled it out and handed it to him. "I expect that back," she advised him. "I'm Debra by the way... in case we ever run into each other again."
  3. Debra (Young)
    “I insist. It’s a pride thing,” she advised him.
  4. Debra (Young)
    Debra gave him a smile, “The bars of the cell is likely best,” she said not trying to cringe at the thought of giving him the option.
  5. Debra (Young)
    Debra frowned. “You’re going to have to make this look authentic sweetheart,” she said to the man. “Like you knocked me out and stole the keys. I know most men don’t like to hit women but this is so I have a plausible reason on how you escaped,” she advised him. 
  6. Debra (Young)
    “Outside,“ at least she hoped that was his horse. 
  7. Debra (Young)
    Debra unlocked the cell and handed him his belt. "You're going to go to road to the west and when you reach a fork you're going to go right. David'll meet you there with your girl. I'm gonna take a hit to my ego," she advised him as she pointed to her jaw. "Call me a hopeless romantic... or just hopeful David'll keep me around fer longer."
  8. Debra (Young)
    Debra gave him a smile but not the kiss she wanted before he disappeared and she settled back. It was about fifteen minutes later that she collected Red's things and went closer to the bars. "You do exactly what I say and you escape the noose tomorrow. Do you understand?"
  9. Debra (Young)
    Debra watched him go lay down as she settled back in the chair. Debra had given the Sheriff time for dinner but it was easy to note as supper and beyond came around that he wasn't returning. The next person they would see was David. There was a brief whispered conversation before he disappeared again. The only thing Red would be able to hear was a "You're sure about this?"
  10. Debra (Young)
    "Killing her is a real hanging offense," she reminded him. There was a subtle tone there and he likely could have missed it but she was nearly offering to help.... nearly. If he killed the woman she wouldn't, that was for sure.
    When he finally let go she watched the woman collapse to the ground. "Told you not to get too close," she said moving away from the cell and back to the chair. "Get the hell outta here."

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