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  1. Bay Bellerose
  2. Bay Bellerose
    Holy Crap, Dad, I'm 18, get over it! 
    Am an adult now. Like. Seriously. Stop freaking out. 
  3. Bay Bellerose
    Bay offered a quiet smile, keeping the baby's attention easily. 
  4. Bay Bellerose
    This was how families were truly formed. Bay sat close as she could to her mom and dad despite her great grandmother. 
    She enjoyed her meal, thankful for the real food, herself. 
  5. Bay Bellerose
    Bay signed 'thank you', and Henri let Alice have the option of translating it back. 
  6. Bay Bellerose
    Bay grinned and signed laughter before she got the rest of the meal and brought it to the table. 
  7. Bay Bellerose
    Bay rolled her eyes, setting down the serving dish, so she could sign.
    Crazy old bat. 
    She turned to look to her grand mother.
    "She is my mom. She's part of this family, and she's staying. Got it?" She spoke and signed at the same time. 
  8. Bay Bellerose
    Bay was able to make a 'rustic' berry tart with the berries they had collected. Her fingers were stained with reds and blues from them, but Bay didn't mind. She also dropped some in some sweet, bubbly reisling to give the wine some added flavor. It was slowly turning a pinkish-red hue, and soon it'd go into the fridge, once the color was consistent. 
    She was happy with it, very much so. Very happy with the ability to cook here, because she liked the quality of the ingredients. They were having lamb chops, and the rosemary was fresh, and everything was wonderful, and she was excited about it. Super-fresh goat cheese and crackers made a nice snack while she got the lamb started. 
  9. Bay Bellerose
    Bay grinned, signed for laughter. She didn't actually laugh out loud--she didn't really know how to. 
    "Can a werewolf be a vampire, too?" Bay signed back, curiously. 
    Blood lust and the ability to shift into a wolf. Sounded like a bad movie. 
  10. Bay Bellerose
    "Yes. And she's old as dirt, too." Bay said as she signed, since it was easier while walking for Alice to hear her speak (or so Bay could only assume, honestly.) 
    She took her time, aware that Alice was slower. The path to the garden was tiled with ornate, colorful sandstone, full of silica, glittering as they walked on it. Leading to the gate that took them to where the berries were. 
    "He only sees her once a year, but she used to make me spend summers with her. Dad stopped it a few years ago." 

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