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  1. Arkasel
    The worm had gotten a few feet closer, antenna skittering across the sand in hopes of finding the meal that had disturbed the sand. It didn't get much closer though, instead finding itself convulsing and curling up as the large hunting knife went through it's carapace.
    Arkasel left the knife as Holly ran into him, wrapping his arms around her for a moment to try and calm the girl. Noticing the lack of proper protection, he took a step back and removed his coat before draping it over her shoulders and pulling it closed.
    "It's ok Holly. Are you alright?" he replied, checking her over for any wounds as Lee bounded over to the worm and began to sniff around it, keeping a careful distance in case it began thrashing out again.
  2. Arkasel
    Covered from the waist down in a fresh coat of soil, the farmer stood up from the freshly lain flowerbed at the back of his farmhouse. The grin on his face showed that even though he was tired, sweaty and in need of a bath, that he was pleased with the outcome. Hopefully he'd be able to offer flowers to the townsfolk if they took to growing.
    He stepped into the house, grabbing a rag as he did to clean his hands off as he headed to the kitchen to cool off. "Holly, you finished checking the potatoes?" he called out, grabbing one of the filled canteens from the chilled box under the counter and taking a hearty swig out of it. When he heard no reply after a moment he grew concerned.
    "Holly?" he called out once more, heading towards the stairs before noticing that the bag she'd been given was missing. Without thinking twice, he grabbed his coat and the bag hanging in the closet, before collecting the canteen and heading out the door into the desert after the girl.
    He made it out into the sands and began to look around for the girl, before hearing the piercing scream and setting off towards it, blade at the ready and mask set tight.
  3. Arkasel
    He listened and chuckled as she mentioned her brother and his choice of partner. "I can agree, that too would leave me rather surprised" he replied as he shook his head and listened intently as she answered him with something that brought a smile to his face and eyes. "That is rather beautiful, i'm sure the paintings must have been like comparing this new television to what used to exist. I don't suppose you still have that picture?" he responded, curious to see the picture but understanding that it was unlikely to still exist.
  4. Arkasel
    Yet another call rang on the table, the vibrations almost enough to move the cutlery that sat atop it. Arkasel had never liked the modern devices that much, they made too much noise for him and had a habit of getting badly affected by magic. He preferred the old ways of letters and at a pinch radios. Hell if he could have managed it he would have preferred the use of carrier pigeons.
    "Tell me something" he asked after a moment, as he broke the silence and leaned slightly forward to her. "When was the last time you saw something that truly surprised you?"
  5. Arkasel
    He broke the small smile into a toothy grin as he winked at her. "I'd wager my death on it. It will all be fine" he replied. He wasn't good at the consoling thing but he was certain in his belief that everything would be ok for her... If he did have to then he had a feeling he'd have to fall back on his training to try and make it through it.
  6. Arkasel
    "I'm sure you aren't and I won't hear any more about it" he replied firmly with an assured and warm smile on his weathered features. He hadn't aged terribly but compared to the lady across from him, he did not look like a prize. "I'm sure he will, for him to have the success you've told me he must have one hell of a soul. You don't get to that sort of position without falling down a few times, i'm sure you'll both do just fine" he finished as he rested his arms across himself comfortably.
  7. Arkasel
    She admitted to the fear that she was only able to harm him, leaving Arkasel to nod sympathetically. "I'm sure you're over exaggerating.... Sucking someones soul out is a rather brutal affair" he replied with a weak smile. "From experience of course, I'm sure you haven't but it does not sound like an enviable situation"
  8. Arkasel
    He gave a weak smile as she spoke and nodded gently. "The few who do, rarely live long after" he replied as he shrugged and took a final drink from his wine glass. The phone rang another time and this time she acknowledged it and explained the reasoning behind it's repetitive ringing.
    "I understand, don't worry about it. I'm sure you're not hurting him at all" he said with a wave of his hand to try and help her to dismiss her fears. Of course he did not know much of the situation from personal experience but he knew enough that she seemed to actually care about him.
  9. Arkasel
    Hearing the phone buzz again loudly against the table, Arkasel ignored it as if it were nothing. If she wanted to speak about it then she would, he would not force the conversation in that way. "Then I would say they are foolish for thinking so" he replied with a shrug.
    She definitely had the look of a trophy wife but not by itself, there was the way she carried herself, acted and dressed that showed so much more beneath that, it was probably what made her great at her business.
  10. Arkasel
    "Sounds like a terribly tough life and one that is void of privacy I'm sure you wish for" he replied as he lifted his knife a fork, a crash from the kitchen making him flinch as he spun the knife round quickly to hold it as a weapon before he remembered this was a safe place. "He's a lucky man" he said after, brushing it off as if nothing happened as he cut into his own meal.

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