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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth nodded to him and smiled. "You're dismissed."
  2. Elizabeth
    "Different methods. I have a feeling his method is what worked in your favor," she advised him. "Trust me, you don't want to fuck around with me."
  3. Elizabeth
    "You can think I'm whatever you want but you fuck Gregory again, I'm taking you off the team and giving it to Smith."
  4. Elizabeth
    "Why do you think I'm a human?" she asked him.
  5. Elizabeth
    "Not quite that smell. I know the smell of a sweet cunt," she said to him.
  6. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth hummed. "Yeah. Well... you smell like sex Redford."
  7. Elizabeth
    "You're sure there isn't something more?"
  8. Elizabeth
    "We'll take care of it," she promised as he left.
    When he got to the handlers meeting verifying stats and going over highlights, most of which were from Seth's team. Afterward Elizabeth called Seth over. "So... you've seemed rather friendly with Gregory lately. Anything I need to know about?"
  9. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth pulled her hand away from her face and looked to him. "Is that all?"
  10. Elizabeth
    Liz, for the first time he'd ever seen her do it reached up to run the bridge of her nose, while it seemed sympathetic it was more out of paperwork aggravation. Liz had a low level of care for even people she liked. "I have an idea," she said. "But you're not going to like it."

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