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  1. Elizabeth
    "Now all I need is a leash," she said to him albeit she had no plan to grab one just yet. "You look delicious with a collar on," she said as she started to walk around him like a vulture.
  2. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth shrugged. "Put this on," she said throwing the collar to Seth.
  3. Elizabeth
    "Ahhh, you think you have a choice puppy. Well you sacrificed that when you wouldn't put on the collar. I'm sure your girlfriend will though. She still tastes sweet as hell."
  4. Elizabeth
    It would be another few hours before Elizabeth came home. When she came in, more blood on her she asked for her new pet. "Oh god. Your still dressed," she said as he came out to her. "Why didn't anyone get him ready?"
    "He bit one of the girls Miss Bathory."
    "Oh... one of those. Fine. Put him downstairs. He can listen as his girlfriend screams when she comes later today. Unless," she looked to Seth, "you want to change your mind about being a good puppy."
  5. Elizabeth
    "Well you said you wanted to be a house servant, so you will be. So will your girlfriend," she said as she threw him into the car. "I'll meet you at home. I need to grab a bite."
  6. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth laughed as she moved to grab Seth by a steely grip around his wrist. "Bring the girl tomorrow," she instructed Red as she started to drag Seth out.
  7. Elizabeth
    "Then who will it be little wolf?"
  8. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth's smirk broadened to a smile as she turned her eyes toward Seth. "You don't have a say little pup and I need a new house wolf," she said.
  9. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth made a sound and waved her hand dismissively. "Then I want Alice at my house tomorrow night," she said giving Seth the go ahead to leave and returning her attention to Red. "He said only three or four more in town but another eight," she turned her attention to confirm with the man bleeding out on the floor, when he nodded. "Another eight to be here within the week. I expect that's all you need of me. I'm bored, you have the peasant to do with what you need sans some blood and skin. I have a party to get back to," she said standing up setting the drink that she didn't touch down and moving to leave.
  10. Elizabeth
    "Do you agree?" Elizabeth said turning her attention to Seth, there was a threatening edge under her voice that wasn't exactly a threat so much as a pointed suggestion to side with her.

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