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  1. Maya Brass
    Maya hummed. "That includes having sex with your girlfriend. I saw those teeth marks," she said with one of those "mmhmms" only a southern belle could do as she started out of the room.
  2. Maya Brass
    "Until she wakes up," Maya smirked. "Just take it easy."
  3. Maya Brass
    "That'll be a few weeks before that's better."
  4. Maya Brass
    When he would wake up Alice would still be nestled against him and Maya would be near by checking on his vitals. "How are you feeling?" she whispered.
  5. Maya Brass
    "They took a lot of women," Maya limped inside behind him as she had barely gotten away from one herself. She headed straight for medical to start getting herself and everyone else patched up.
  6. Maya Brass
    Maya looked to Dagonet as he handed her the syringe. She looked to Alice. She was afraid even with this the babies could die but she injected the antidote anyways hoping it would at least work well enough to at least save the woman.
  7. Maya Brass
    Once Dagonet had her back to Maya she was looked over. Maya didn’t want to say it out loud but she gave Violet and Dagonet a look that said she could be losing the babies. 
    “Shhhh child. Go to sleep,” she said stroking her hair knowing the pain was too much to sleep at the moment. 
  8. Maya Brass
    “He’s also the only reason Alice didn’t shoot you the moment she saw you,” Maya advised him. It was a short moment and then the Nosali were attacking again. Violet kept them at bay while Asche shoved the assassin forward and Dagonet had Seth and moved with him toward the station. 
    It it would feel like a long journey by the time they got to the crowded station. Everyone in the small group would be sweaty and a little bloody. Once they convinced them to open the door they came in and moved to get settled so Maya could take care of the wounded. She looked after Seth and looked up to Dagonet. “You need to go find Alice,” she advised him. 
  9. Maya Brass
    Alice reluctantly pulled away and ushered all but a few soldiers forward to get the rest out. All waiting for her to get the hell out of there.
    Maya turned her full attention onto Seth and instrcuted Violet and Dagonet on what to do to staunch the bleeding better than just holding it. She didn't like field surgery but she did what she had to. When he passed out from the pain she finished up and the growling of the nosalis started again. "Big guy, you need to carry him. Vi you need to defend," she said looking to the other woman with the newly conscious man. "Lets go," she said as they started to move toward the station.
    The others had already crowded in and made the place uncomfortably busy but Alice had packs of tradeable bullets and she was handing them out.
  10. Maya Brass
    "But I can't lose you," she shook her head. "Go Alice," Maya urged the woman. "We'll take care of him."
    It was now twice that people told her that they'd take care of Seth. She huffed angrily. "I'll be waiting for you at the station," she muttered giving his forehead a kiss.

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