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  1. Calvin
    Calvin smiled brightly, immediately leaping onto what Charlie had said. "Yes, just like the rest of them! No one's here, but everyone is! They aren't supposed to be, but something went wrong, so they all wander around lost. You don't want to be one, right? Then all you have to do is read the ending!"
  2. Calvin
    Calvin waved his hand dismissively at Charlie's protests. "It's the same, it's the same! You arrive in one, you arrive in the other!" His bright enthusiasm didn't fade the slightest at the dismissal. Blinking in surprise Calvin shook his head. "No one can find their way out of here without help! You need it. Or you'll be stuck here with the rest of them!"
  3. Calvin
    Calvin looked up, a slight puzzled expression on his face. At the question his face cleared up, a bright grin showing. "Why, I'm here to help! You're new to Wonderland, aren't you? Probably have tons of questions. It's my job to help! Anything that you need. I can even tell you which way out of the city!"
  4. Calvin
    The door opened, and he smiled up at the man who stood there. "Charlie, nice to meet you. My name's Calvin." He grasped one of Charlie's hands, shaking it with great vigor. Not waiting he stepped into the room, bright eyes looking over everything that was there. He looked out of place, a bright spark amongst the dingy furniture that filled the apartment. He didn't appear to take notice, moving over and sitting down on a chair. He looked up to Charlie expectantly, waiting.
  5. Calvin
    His step was confident as he moved. Those that saw the man that walked down the streets could see how well he knew what he was doing. The bad parts of the city were easily avoided with little thought, a slightly dreamy grin on his lips. The fights around him didn't earn a single glance, but few beyond the newcomers did pay attention to such things. He turned down a more quiet street, passing those engaged in more silent crimes. He looked at the houses as he passed, studying the numbers on each one. Those inside felt something looking at them for a brief moment, and then he moved on.

    Pausing before one house, he studied it just like the ones before him. A wide toothy grin broke out at this one, Calvin walking up the steps as if he was coming home. He knocked on the door three times, a loud cheerful sound that was out of place in such a dark city. He took off his hat, fiddling with it as he waited for someone to come answer the door.

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