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  1. Arabella
    Bella realized they had landed in something it seemed. She glanced around and left the vessel as she had no idea what to do or where to go. 
  2. Arabella
    She heard all kind of terms she was not familiar with and she just hold on tight having no clue what was going to happen she stayed quite. However she did make mental notes of the words Klingon, Enterprise and Nyx which must be a lady that was in charge it seemed. 
  3. Arabella
    Arabella hastily complied and took a seat. Not really sure what to expect she kept quiet and just let things be, questions could always be asked later right? 
  4. Arabella
    "Than what are they?" she asked curiously. Of course she was disappointed by the fact that she was being brought back to her planet. "No thanks, no probing for me." she said. Out of nowhere it seemed shots were fired upon the ship. Arabella had no clue what was going on but she got an eerie feeling from it.  
  5. Arabella
    Bella just stood there awkwardly not really sure was to what to do with the situation. Not that she knew if they were going back or not. "Huh, so Aliens. Guess I win that bet after all, not that they would ever believe me." she said rambling a bit, but more to herself than anyone else. 
  6. Arabella
    "I just walked into the ship. The door was open." she said as a matter of fact. "But there are really aliens then?" she said as she thought about it, huh that makes things interesting. 
  7. Arabella
    Bella came out of the space she crawled in and started to wander around the ship trying to find something or someone that could tell her what the hell was going on. 
  8. Arabella
    Bella had no idea what happened as suddenly the ship started to move. It was smooth though and as she started to move around she saw that the planet she was on, was replaced by space and darkness. Well that certainly was not what she wanted... 
  9. Arabella
    Arabella had driven to the lake, to just enjoy the peace and serenity of nature. The city was always busy and buzzing, there was no room to think or just relax. Since she felt like she was getting overloaded with experiences she got out. When she arrived at the lake, she saw something rather odd. It appeared that a ship was landing there and she wondered what was going on.
    After exploring the area she found the ship that she had seen earlier, it did not seem like there were many people around. Not that she would know who she should spot, as she looked around and didn't see anyone she decided to go inside and take a look. It was stupid, of course she knew that but she was very curious about it. 

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