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  1. Alice
    As people rushed around Alice went toward the training room so she could go for a run. She wanted Seth, wanted him like she remembered him. But she had Richie and it felt like a betrayal to both of them at the moment. 
    She figured if she heard another alarm she’d see what she could do to help but figured, at least for now it seemed more like a scouting mission. 
  2. Alice
    “Yeah,” she muttered as she watched him get up and leave wiping the tears from her face before she got up to leave herself. 
  3. Alice
    “Fuck. This is so fucked up.”
  4. Alice
    “I don’t know Seth,” she admitted to him with a huff. “I love you so fucking much. I want to be with you but there is so much that doesn’t make that possible.”
  5. Alice
    “It means everything and nothing all at the same time. It doesn’t bring the last five years back. It doesn’t bring Reagan back. It’s just words. Words that you haven’t proved you mean.”
  6. Alice
    “Yeah. And you’ve changed a lot,” she said to him. “So have me and Harpy.”
  7. Alice
    "It started with you telling me that boosting Harper's confidence was a bad thing. Maybe it's just me but I think feel like you're angry at me. You let me bait you at every moment."
  8. Alice
    "I just feel like you're telling me I did something wrong Seth and all I did was try to do right by you with Harper. I felt like I contended with a ghost with every decision I made and now here you are..." she indicated. "Telling me I've done everything wrong and I don't know what to do. You're saying I did the right thing but did I really? Or just the thing I thought best in the moment. Maybe I fucked everything up. Maybe I fucked up Harper. I don't know. You make me question every decision I've made for the last 5 years and I don't want to be angry but I am and I don't know what to do."
  9. Alice
    Alice huffed. Harper was hard headed but there were a lot of hard lessons that she had to learn and she did and Seth didn't see any of them. "I can promise you Seth, no matter how stupid I am I taught Harper to be one of the best and smartest people I know and I had an army to help me. Your mom, your dad, Penny, Damian, Asche and even fucking Aurora," she said with a huff. "I never got into a college but they did and they helped a lot. I may be a fucking idiot a lot of the time but I took a lot of pride in my daughter. The one I could raise at least," she said on the verge of tears. "I should probably go."
  10. Alice
    "Harper's our baby but I'm not going to make her do anything," she advised him. "She's pretty fucking hurt Seth. I can't fix that damage no matter what I try and pushing isn't going to help either," she advised him. "You telling me how to mother her earlier isn't going to go over well. She's eleven, she barely listens to me but she has confidence issues. Yeah it seems easy to just bruise the fuck out of her and call it a day but its not that easy and you can't be that harsh to her, especially if you want to be her friend again."

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