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  1. Alice
    Alice nodded. "Of course," she agreed as they headed in that direction.
    When they got in there Violet, Richie and Harper were sitting in the front room.
    Violet would be trying not to get another of the cigarettes Seth had given her. Richie would be there just for Harper and Harper would be waiting.
  2. Alice
    "I guess," she shrugged. "Only seen a little of it so far but it seems to be working. "Food, rest and back to it?"
  3. Alice
    "I know. You work with some pretty good people even if Dag is an asshole."
  4. Alice
    It would be half a day before Seth finally was let back inside for a short rest to start again in six hours. They had been training for it but the civilians hadn't. Alice herself seemed fine though as she greeted him as he came in tucking into him a little. "Sounded like hell out there."
  5. Alice
    Alice nodded. "Yeah well I don't think this is how most people imagine to live their lives," she responded honestly.
  6. Alice
    Alice looked over her shoulder, still bent in front of him and smiled. "They deserve some alone time," they had basically uprooted his whole family for them to escape the government.
  7. Alice
    Alice smiled to him as she got to her feet. She scrunched her nose and gave him a quick kiss. "So what are we eating?" she said as she turned around and bend over to collect their stuff intentionally driving her hips into his to arouse and distract him.
  8. Alice
    "If what your mom said is true you better get used to it," she joked back offering a hand to him so he could help her up.
  9. Alice
    "You trying to say my pasty ass is starting to burn?" Alice asked him with a smile.
  10. Alice
    When the kiss broke she didn't want to let him go. She brushed her nose against his and finally pulled away knowing lingering would just make her more apprehensive to what had begun outside that had even Charlotte ready to fight.

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