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  1. Alice
    Alice moved to sit next to Alex as she watched her kids turn the bugs over in their hand. Harper took the first bite and the crunch of the Scorpion made her close her eyes but she seemed to figure it out and laughed. Alex however continued to look at the cricket with skeptical eyes.
  2. Alice
    Alice laughed as she followed after their kids and they sat down and opened their boxes. "I want to see the looks on their faces," she admitted in a whisper as she leaned over into Seth.
  3. Alice
    "I think you mean we have amazing children," she muttered back to him.
  4. Alice
    "Really?" she said excitedly. "Can I try some?"
  5. Alice
    Alice nodded as she laced her fingers into the hand that lay on her waist and picked up the pace with him to keep their kids in view.
    Harper came running back to them and smiled. "I found something I want to eat," she said to them wide eyed as she lead them over to a cricket vendor.
  6. Alice
    "The most gracious," she teased him leaning back into him.
  7. Alice
    "I'll keep you anyways."
  8. Alice
    "Gonna take a lot more than Elizabeth fucking Bathory to take me from you. I mean I ended up in your lap twice before you realized you were an idiot for letting me go the first time," she teased him.
  9. Alice
    "She certainly wiped the floor with me," Alice reminded him. "And my mum too."
  10. Alice
    "Now you know they are the fly by night sort. I mean your sister and brother are here.... so?" she shrugged. "I'm sorry that your family ended up getting involved," she said more seriously.

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