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  1. Caleb Sorokin
    Caleb grinned at that. "Thanks, Mom." He whispered. They still had four minutes. 
  2. Caleb Sorokin
    Caleb smiled at that. "Yeah." He grinned. 
  3. Caleb Sorokin
    "Yeah. She'll be amazing." Caleb agreed. 
  4. Caleb Sorokin
    "Totally." Nah, she'd just been quiet and restful while he was cooking. 
  5. Caleb Sorokin
    Caleb grinned. "Rhi helped." Not really, but, y'know. 
  6. Caleb Sorokin
    "Just gotta breathe, right?" Caleb squeezed her fingers and looked for his father, a bit anxiously. 'Ow' wasn't really something he liked hearing his mom say. "Dad is gonna be right back. Real soon."
  7. Caleb Sorokin
    "Not a thing," Caleb pointed out, "She's still a person. She--" his language changed to Chinese, to cut Chase from the conversation--"is the one who gave my dad the water that made Lucy better to go home with you, and helped my Mom, when they were going to the doctor all the time." He gave a big sort of shrug. 
  8. Caleb Sorokin
    "Cool." And with that, he went back to being a teenager. 
  9. Caleb Sorokin
    "So are they all the same people as before or is it a bigger village now?"
    Caleb for the moment was the one with the guts to ask questions.
  10. Caleb Sorokin
    "Mom says I get my pretentiousness from my dad." 

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