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<p>Clyde Brenton</p>

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    A belief in the justice system and a wish to help out those that Police did not have the time or the wish to help was what led Clyde Brenton to his current occupation. With a plethora of different jobs behind him, Clyde has found that the private eye job fits him like a glove. Therefore he independently owns and runs London Eye Services, his bureau. He's no stranger to things getting rough, nor is he afraid to get his hands dirty.


    Clyde Brenton is a private investigator that knows his work is no charity. While he wishes to help, he doesn't do charity. The cold, harsh reality is what he deals with. Fairy tales are not something he puts his fate in; if he cannot touch it, it's not real. However, there have been an influx in strange cases lately that his atheistic mind cannot explain rationally.

    FOUND: Private Detective. Deals in: Missing people, lost relatives, suspicious spouses - no limits. Pay per hour, reasonable fee. Shady business cost extra. Contact Clyde Brenton, London Eye Services.

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