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<p>Jonas McMillan</p>

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    As the Sheriff of the Kindred's Prince of London, Jonas McMillan is privy to a lot of information others are not. He is one of the Prince's oldest acquaintances and therefore deeply trusted. Jonas is one of few who are aware of Tonka's real identity as the Prince of London, and he's sworn to take the secret to his grave - an event that would come around quicker if he let his tongue slip.


    On top of being the hand that sets in motion the Prince's justice, he is also a bit of a father figure to the Kindred child-woman. She both resents and respects him for this, and their relationship is a special and strange one, even by Kindred standards.

    WANTED: SHERIFF! Position for father figure also open. Contact the Prince of London. Apply for position(s) by submitting dead body to 707 Fleet St. Deadline: Midnight tonight. Investigation work required.

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