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<p>Oliver Donovan</p>

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    Oliver Donovan is the personal assistant of Vivienne Barnes and a dedicated employee at the British Museum. He generally handles a lot of paperwork and knows the ins and outs of the upcoming exhibition like he knows the back of his hand. A diligent and trust-worthy employee, he holds Vivienne's complete professional trust and can often convince her where others have failed.


    The recent rumours having arisen from an object obtained from an ill-fated exhibition at the Louvre has Oliver worried. He is quite skeptical about their co-workers' claims that the thing is cursed and will drag curses upon them all. The strange nightmares that have begun plaguing the city since it came to town must be a mere coincidence, Oliver believes. Or is it? In either case, he's likely the only one who can convince Vivienne that the thing must be thoroughly examined.

    LOOKING FOR ROOM MATE! Must be responsible and trustworthy. Stable employment preferred. Current tenant lacks cleaning- and cooking skills, so those wished for. Diligent and dedicated. Be my butler!

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