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<p>Salome Carlisle</p>

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    Salome is a dance instructor at Pulse Dance studio, Liverpool, London. The feeling of excitement and pride is what she prefers to suck out of souls. Being a young Lilin she sometimes has a hard time controlling her need to feed so this environment is good for her as all of the people there expect to leave tired.


    Salome primarily teaches all forms of modern dancing. She is, however, quite competent in the classical ones as well, including ballet. With weekly night dancing lessons for pole dancing, she is a figurative murder on the dance floor with her brilliant moves.


    Salome doesn't like the nick name Sally.


    Vice: Pride

    DANCING LESSONS. In private or in group. All sorts of dancing styles. No previous experience needed. Come have fun! You're sure to feel exhausted and prideful afterwards. Visit Pulse Dance Studio, Liverpool, and ask for Salome!

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