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  1. “Your mom fixed my dress.” @Dragon
  2. Alice was still laying down because she felt like shit and she sighed as she got up and went to go get it from him to see what it was. Probably meant Violet finally just did as she asked and got her a dress instead of making her go back out. She unzipped it and saw the dress she thought was ruined inside with no stains. "Who sent this?" she asked him as she zipped it back up. @Dragon
  3. Morrigan

    Bad Wolves

    "I'm sorry Red," she said to him giving him a soft but strained smile Violet continued to rub his back and started to rub his knee as a means of comfort. "Is there anything we can do?" "Just try to not get frustrated if he forgets and be here for as long as you can." @Dragon
  4. Violet spent most of the afternoon scrubbing the blood out of the dress to get all of the stains out before she left to bring it to the dry cleaner to finish and press it. She had it delievered in a black bag to Seth''s room in the morning with a small note that said Seth wasn't allowed to see it still. @Dragon
  5. Violet huffed and stalked past Red to work on getting the stains out. @Dragon
  6. “Could have been a lot better too,” she said. @Dragon
  7. Morrigan

    Bad Wolves

    “The forgetting has been a while but he didn’t find out officially until about three months ago and he is just getting worse rapidly.” Violet reaches out to rub his back. “The doctors don’t know how long he has,” she said as a means to answer his question about why she asked him to have his kid there. @Dragon
  8. “No but she ditched us at the mall and this is what she came back with,” she held up the dress. It was simple and save for the stains that Violet intended to get out and give in because she was getting tired of the uphill battle. @Dragon
  9. Morrigan

    Bad Wolves

    “Unfortunately not,” she shook her head and took in a breath. “He has an inoperable tumor,” she advised him. “So he’s not always here and he’s starting to forget things he just did. He keeps redoing chores that are already done,” she tried to prepare him. @Dragon
  10. Alice leaned into him and breathed out a relaxing breath and the tits started to show on the screen making her smile despite the swollen face. Meanwhile, Violet went to join Red holding the dress Violet had chosen trying to determine if she liked it or not to decide if she would clean off the blood. “This girl is going to drive me back to smoking regularly.” @Dragon
  11. Alice smiled to him. “Always baby,” she muttered to him as she buried her bruised face into the pillow to settle to watch zombeavers like she was promised. @Dragon
  12. Morrigan

    Bad Wolves

    When they finished she would get them settled in the living room and give Red a smile that didn’t quite meet her eyes. “So your dad is sick.” @Dragon
  13. Morrigan

    Bad Wolves

    That brought a momentary frown to his mothers face. “We’ll talk about that later. You are probably hungry too so sit down so I can feed you.” @Dragon
  14. Alice nodded as she sighed. “I got you a shirt. I’ll show you when we come to watch the movie,” she muttered as they headed for the large bathroom to get her clothes off and into the shower. It wasn’t a long shower before they went to go lay down and continue their evening. She would pull out a t-shirt and hand it to him. @Dragon
  15. Morrigan

    Bad Wolves

    “Hey,” she said moving to give hugs as she was ushered inside to sit at the kitchen table and food was shoved in front of her. She smiled to them as she kept saying how happy she was to see them. @Dragon
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