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Simple Pleasures

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vigownbgb.pngThere was a certain allure to being in a room like she was right now. The air was filled with what the Lilin loved to consume. It surrounded her like a warm blanket on an icy day.


Just the thought of who was in that room gave her goosebumps of excitement. She gently touched her brothers arm. "Do you mind going to get me a drink?" she asked him. They didn't need them but enjoying the worldly pleasures of humans made people look the other way. Besides, she could practically taste her favorite flavor in the air around her.

As her brother kissed her temple she closed her eyes before he left her side. It was a quick moment later that her husband, a rather homely but happy looking man came up beside her. He was not nearly as tall as her or her brother but he always made her smile. "How is business my love?" she asked taking his arm in a show of trophy wife mannerisms. While her husband knew she was the strength and brains behind his empire only few of the people in the room knew she was anything more than a gorgeous young wife for the man.

Of course she only appeared young. She was older than most of the people in this room combined. 425_alexander_skarsgard_trueblood_AS_048.jpg~original.jpg

It was a moment later that her brother re-joined them and handed her a flute of champagne. "It's quite a turn out Victor. I never know how you get so many charitable people in the same room."

"Oh you know it's not me that does it. Everyone is here to see your sister."

"You're such a flirt," Violet said giving her husband a smile and squeezing his arm to show her affection. She could feel her brother prickle at the sight of them together.

"So are you going to invite me to dance or am I going to have to get one of your business associates to do me the honor?"

"Absolutely not," he said whisking the champagne away and handing it back to Nico. "We shall return," he said as he twirled her toward the dance floor.

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lena_ES_001.jpg Alice continued to fuss with the dress she was wearing. She looked over to Lamont and glared. "Why did you get to wear pants and I didn't?"

"Because they expect ladies at events like these to show up in dresses Alice. We talked about this."

"You mean you said I have to wear a dress and that was the end of it."

"Pretty much, yeah."

"Fuck you Lala. When we get home I'm going to tie you to the fucking radiator with this dress."

"Hey, ladies don't speak like that," he said.

"I'm not a fucking," she started but he pulled in close and she took in a sharp breath as she wasn't prepared for it. asdfkljhadkljhas.jpg

His arms wrapped around her as if he were about to twirl her away to dance, her body rigid as the feelings she had for him came bubbling toward the surface a little too fast for her to simply shove them down and react. "Besides, I think you'd look even better without the dress so maybe we should find you someone to take it off you tonight?" With that he pulled away from her and grabbed her hand tugging her further into the event. "Just try to have fun sis. The night is young and we're here just to gather information."

"Is that why I couldn't wear my guns?"

"No, you couldn't wear the guns because they don't go with the dress."

Alice couldn't help the huff of amusement, roll of her eyes and smirk that all happened in the span of a second as her partner dragged her through the charity event.

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Violet could sense her brothers jealousy as she was swept away to the dance floor with her husband. It was too bad for her brother that she did not cross that line with him. It wasn't like there was anything wrong with it. Her species did not have the same problems with it as humans did but her species was also unable to procreate without a human involved so they could not procreate with one another.

The important thing was that she knew her brother cared and he knew she cared. She just didn't care like that.

Her husband was an amicable man on the other hand. He was possessive of her. Made her feel wanted. Bought her whatever she wanted. The amounts of times he got upset with people he thought she was interested in made her more excitable than anything.

The desire for more always turned her on. The emotions of greed, envy and pride mingled together a lot and she didn't mind. The devil was in the minor details. When he saw other people give his tall wife a look over he would pull her closer, need her more.

It was in part the affect that Violet had on people, they always wanted more, wanted everything, when she was around. The aura of greed that she gave off was always there. She loved playing poker for this reason. Just watching the money go in the pot trying to get more and more was so exhilarating.

As she spun she was spun right into a man tugging a mousy looking woman that felt like she was uncomfortable. "Excuse you," Violet said obviously upset at the interruption of the dance.

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Lamont immediately apologized. "I'm sorry miss. I wasn't looking where I was going," he said putting Alice behind him which didn't help how uncomfortable she felt. She nearly fell over in the heels Lamont had her wearing.

"Yeah sorry," Alice chirped in grabbing Lamont's arm and squeezing to remind him why they were there.

He nodded. "Have a good evening."

Violet frowned at them and shooed them with a flick of her hand.

As they left the woman on the dance floor Alice looked to Lamont. "Stop staring asshole," she gave him a jab to the kidney.

"Oopmh. I wasn'," the glare that Alice gave him silenced him. "Fine I was. staring."

Alice frowned at him and gave him an elbow jab to his gut as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Sorry sis," he said kissing the side of her head. "I think that's her up there," he nodded his head toward the red head.

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77777777412326987.jpgMordria was difficult to miss. She was a red headed woman wearing a peacock dress with a yellow iguana across one arm, the tail falling downward. She had a gaggle of people around her and she had a large smile across her face. Those that weren't staring at the blonde Lilin were being entertained by the red headed mage.

She smiled more broadly as the new comers approached. "I've told you this now 5 times Hamilton. His name is Theo. Short for Prometheus. He is my best friend. I take him with me to as many places that will let me through the door with him. Fortunately for me the guard was staring at something other than Theo when I came into this party," she laughed and the gaggle of people around her joined into the laughter.

"Who are you two?" she asked lifting her brow at them hearing very clearly who Theo thought they were.

"We were told to meet you here," Lamont said  glancing around at the group of people around her. "Didn't think there would be so many spectators," he murmured to Alice. She rolled her eyes and figured that was because he wanted to be the only one oggling her robust figure.

"That doesn't tell me who you are." ALBINO-IGUANA-10-22-3.jpg

"He's Tate and I'm Harriette," Alice interjected as Lamont seemed to be without words. She gave him another gut punch to get his focus back to the conversation at hand.

"Yeah. A friend sent us to meet you. Said you could do amazing things."

"Wouldn't you just like to find out," she said leaning in close enough to make Alice rigid with jealousy but not enough to get her to punch the woman. The others in the crowd laughed again. "Come find me after the party and I may show you what I can do."

"Does it have to wait?" which earned Lamont a heel in his shoe causing him to grunt."I mean the sooner you can show us what you can do the better."

"Be patient Tate. All good things come with time."

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As the woman walked away, petting her yellow iguana, Alice looked up to Lamont. "Seriously dude?"

"What? You don't get any so I have to make up for both of us."

"I don't get any because..."


"Never fucking mind. Go get me a drink asshole," Alice gave him a shove in the direction of the bar. "And if it's fruity I'm going to ro-sham-bo you when we get home."

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